Hello! How is the New Year’s preparation going on? Tell me more about those New Year’s resolutions again? Uhuh… So you are telling me that you are going to eat healthy only, no junk foods! You will avoid sugar completely and that you are actually going to read a book every day? Hahahaha!!

But weren’t these your resolutions last year and the year before that? Ah! You didn’t actually consider THESE resolutions. You had different ones. Ummm… You were going to walk more often instead of taking the car for short distances; any activity which could be done in 2 mins would be dealt immediately and you would eat more fruits (actual fruits, not fruit desserts!). What happened then (Giving the look over)?

You know, COVID…


But I remember in 2020, you said that it was raining constantly. Sometimes the sun was too hot (obviously since it is a ball of fire), the next time it was too cold and then the next you were depressed because that serial had stopped broadcasting.

Looking into the mirror…

Mom walks into the room. Mom?

Yes, dear?

This mirror is a fat mirror! It makes me look fatter than I am!

My eyes have the same problem beta.

Remembering the most important lesson I have learnt from Swami Ji this year.

Milk will go bad in a day.

Churn it into dahi and it will take a few more days until it goes bad.

Make butter out of dahi and it will take weeks until it goes bad.

Want it to go for longer, boil it and make ghee out of the butter and it will stay good for years to come.

Perseverance is always the key to success. Making the effort is good, but unless it is persistent, consistent and laborious, no success will come. Churn your habits, keep innovating until you find the right approach and never give up.  Swami Ji has taught me this timeless wisdom. I am working my way from being milk to becoming ghee. Are you?

A sneak into my practice. If a Guru Ji is willing to teach me, I will be a good student🙏🏼. Please consider me.

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🎹Jai Sri Hari🎹