I will imagine

Kanha’s eyes

as peepal leaves now

for a few days,

opening, closing,


like a leaf bouncing


in a gentle

flirty breeze.

Me, closing my eyes,

veiling them

with betel leaves

as a Bengali bride

to imagine Him

in the secret darkness

of my hooded eyes.

I will see Him

looking back at me

piercingly, all knowing

and deliberately,

inviting me to join Him

as His partner

in the entrancing dance

of the final union.

With such conviction

I will dance with Him

that when I lower

the betel leaves and

raise my gaze


I will see nothing

but Him,

 His enchanting eyes

fixated on me

still piercing

but now gleaming,

like peepal leaves glistening

with morning dew,

claiming me

as His rightful maiden.

I will see Him

smiling radiantly

in triumph,

in acceptance,

now taking a form

I describe not

rushing towards me

fast…faster than

His swift Garuda,

And in one sweep

of His majestic,

handsome arms

engulfing me,

crumbling all of me

in an ecstatic embrace,

beyond which there is

no knowing!

The only true lingering

that will remain,

will be of an

eternal bliss

of the final union.


Two words from Sadhvi Vrinda’s latest poem -“Peepal leaf”- sounded so refreshing to me, that they inspired me, to imagine a beautiful form of Kanha, and somehow trickle that form into words, as a thankful comment to her. Niren Patel ji took notice of my comment, and inspired me to make a post on it. I listened to him. I wrote some more here, to complete it. Still not revealing fully though, my imagined form of Him, for no words can befit him! My humble gratitude to both of these lovely people.

Image Art: Drawn by me. I am inspired by Indrajit Nattoji’s lively and colorful art.