We’ve heard old people say, “Ye tann-mann-dhan sab tera hai”. Never really understood the depth in the meaning.

He who has given up all desires, and moves
free from attachment, egoism and thirst for
enjoyment attains peace.(Ch2.71)

I was reading Shrimad Bhagwad geeta,the greatest gift to the mankind. It’s not like I didn’t read it earlier but this time the pages had me stuck on them. 

The body is made up of five elements-Earth,Fire,Water, Air and Ether. Everything in the material nature is made out of these five elements whereas Aatmaa ( soul) is a tiny particle of the Parmaatmaa (supreme soul). 

The soul belongs to Purush and the body belongs to Maa Prakriti so what belongs to ME? Who am I ? What am I ? What is this I,Me,mine ? The words that give birth to the ego have a question mark on there own existence. 

Being a monk(Yogi) doesn’t mean you own nothing, it means nothing owns you.   – Jay Shetty

Nothing belongs to ME, nothing is MINE. There nothing but ‘nothingness’ yet there is no emptiness. I am nothing but a part of him.

They say identifying yourself with the body is ego and delusion but the truth is we can’t even identify ourselves with the body.

The creator is residing within me. I am the drop from the ocean of love. Hence the only way I can be defined is   –

I am LOVE.



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