A lot has been read about the four yoga’s – Raja Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. And yet, let’s go on a journey for another perspective of a passionate software engineer, who is bounded in responsibility to pursue only the solution that has mathematical truth.

Over many years I looked at the meanings and explanations from as many perspectives as my mind allowed me to after having read every word spoken about it by Swami Vivekananda, Deepak Chopra and Om Swami himself. Slowly a picture emerged that I now see everywhere I look or in everything I do.

My seeking took me into the subject of physics, about Black Holes and Quantum Physics and I kept searching for a pattern. For it is patterns in life that is all that matters.

Imagine by a stroke of luck, we end up in a new universe where there is no reality and no dimension and only our conscious mind with all the power to create and one question ‘OK, now what?’.

The first item to create will be a Host. Something on which every thing else can stand on. In this universe that Host is matter and spacetime dimension. In the world of software, that Host is the physical computer. In the human species that Host is the physical body and for the mental world, the host is the brain. In a movie story, that something is the main story line – no not the TV or the big screen but yes it is a host for another perspective. A Host is ALWAYS needed. If we create a new game – the name of that game and the game itself becomes the host. Every idea is a Host of its own. It is the concept of host that matters and not the physical definition of a host.

This concept of a ‘Host’ is Raja Yoga. The study of the host in the highest level of study and the most difficult since it is the host that attempts to study the host.

Once we have a host, then comes in the concept of ‘Information’ or knowledge. Information about the host or Information about anything and everything is needed. Information or knowledge is always about something and Information itself and the subject of the information are always different.

So we have the concept of ‘Host’ and ‘InformationKnowledge’.

The next step is that the information must prove itself to be true and to be of value and that is where ‘Action‘ makes its grand entrance. There now needs the movement of the host under the guidance of Information taking the host from one state to the next. Action itself has no reality. It has no existence except changing the state and disappearing into ether.

As the ‘Host’ changes from one state to another under the guidance of ‘InformationKnowledge’ with the power of ‘Action’, then comes the ‘Dreaming’ , the ‘Hope’, the ‘Desire’, the ‘Wanting’, the ‘Prayer’ which we find is only possible if accompanied by ‘Life’ itself. Bhakti yoga is this.

We can apply this to a software project for a financial system – The ‘Transactions’, the ‘Database records’ , the ‘Debits and Credits’, The ‘Balances’, the ‘Statements’ are all part of ‘Host’ – Raja Entities. The knowledge of financial processes , old, current or future is the ‘Gyan’ about the financial system. Actual trades of the transactions is the ‘Karma’ playing out and the many desires for a profit, or a savings is the ‘Bhakti’ of it.

These 4 pillars can be applied to almost anything. And it is the ‘First’ piece of entity or knowledge or action that enters a new creation and will be at the heart of the ‘Big Bang’. It is the basis of existence and without one, the other’s are not possible. Without Bhakti, there will be no need to move to another state. Without Raja – there is nothing at all and without Knowledge there is no Karma and without Karma there is a frozen dead world.