A pairs of eyes, glancing out the rectangular shaped window. Each half part of the window pane, divided into two. Making it four parts as whole.
She the girl who sits behind the window. Stares at the almighty mountains. The empty sky filled with cotton; sometimes. Just watch the window, or the scenery we don’t know. There is this girl, who looks at the window. She sits on her bed and gaze the bright sunny day. Sometimes, it is covered by curtains as the rains makes the soul of the little creature sad.

The home is empty as everyone gets off their day. As they feel they are going to make their day run for them. But for the girl, it’s simply another day. Which she just governs to pass away. Sitting beside the window.

It’s is not that she never visits or take a look nearby her. but it just feels; she just still might be looking outside the window, as she does. Everyday.
Wondering why? The clouds have just covered the snow. When she was able to enjoy the peak tops with some rough patch of rocks. Trying to tell we were here many years before…!!

The window might also have notice her face. As sometimes, her refection peeps. Saying,” you still are here. Waiting for me to say HELLO…!” The time has slow down. Sense like she got the whole day around. trying to figure out which figure suits here the most. As the sun plays it all day long.
The shadow might be her another friend. which does not play it cool till the end. Gazing in and out through the window. Sense as the window was her companion. The window showed her, the truth. The long lasting and the imaginary ones. Guess what you want to see depends what you were looking for…

Hope the girl, finds the one she was waiting for.

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