“How are you Nanda? How is Harshwardhan and vighnesh?”asked Rajveer

“I am fine Dada, just a little scratch on head. Vighnesh has fractured leg, Harshwardhan has a swollen face.” Replied Nanda

“Where are they?”

“In the adjacent room. It could have been worse Dada, if not for Indu’s family.”

Just in panic and anxiety, Rajveer went to the room. His restless and innocent eyes searching for Harshwardhan. Finding a 7 year old kid lying unconscious on bed, he began to sob silently in corner. Nanda put a hand on Dada’s head, clearing tears from her eyes. Rajveer sat on the bed and began to lightly massage kid’s head with love and grief.

“Dada, he is okay. Vaidya has given medicine to apply on his face. He will be awake by morning.”

“Nanda, what have I done wrong to deserve this? He is just kid, how come these thieves didn’t show mercy?”

“No one wants to see his kid to go through this. But it could have been worse.”

“What is worse than this? How can you say that?”

“Worse could have been losing our kid.”

“What do you mean? Tell me everything.” Asked Startled Rajveer.

“Listen Dada, thieves were not just here for jewellery. Stealing money or jewellery was their secondary motive. Their primary motive was to kill Harshwardhan. Vighnesh was injured while protecting Harshwardhan. They were dragging Harsh out of house to take him with them. Just then gun shot was fired from neighbouring house. It killed the leader of thieves instantly. Leaving Harsh, they just began to run for their life. With whatever they have stolen, they left in fear on horses.”

“Who fired the gun shot?”

“A 10 year old girl fired it. Her name is Narhari. She is daughter of Indu and Ajit, our neighbours.”

“What? How can 10 year old fire gun with such stability and accuracy?”

“She has gained such accuracy and stability with practice.”

“I would like to meet her and family.”

Rajveer went to neighbouring house to thank Narhari and family. He thanked them overcome with emotions of gratefulness.

“She is one strong girl. How does she have such stability at such a young age?” asked Rajveer

“She is like this, from very young age. She is attracted to guns and started practise with it when she was just six. She has mastered all techniques of firing within just 3 years.” said a proud father twisting his moustache

“Won’t she be in danger from local police authorities?”

“No, there won’t be any case. Police are not beyond my word.”

“I can’t thank her enough. Thank you again Narhari.”

“You are welcome uncle.” Replied Narhari with a smile

“She is just like this since she was very young. She was born to be leader. She belongs to सिंह राशी. That’s why we named her Narhari on advice of astrologer.” Said Indu

“ What? सिंह राशी?!”