What kind of india it might be when the path of the village’s were filled with yogi’s. 

Each of them a diverse kind in them. And how the young pupils would March into their bramachaya and make acharya their home. 

With there being no difference in the genders. Everyone was welcomed. 


The focus of getting excellence was their main discipline. Giving a Hermitage to the yogi was the ultimate bliss in its own way. 


And the shopes were opened for the purchases of goods. With the king passing by to look after his kingdom; but in disguise. So the pure working of the system is been seen. 

And also let’s not forget about the beautiful daughter’s and the mistress. Decorating the homes on festivals with their kamarband keeping the sari’s drap in place. 


With the giggles and laughter of childerns makes the whole street a home in large. Every person walking on the streets have their own story with their own motto and aim for the day. 


None of it can be ignored because everything is important to build THE GREAT BHARAT..! 

 A nation once called the golden bird. For its knowledge, life, awareness, inteligence and political position. 


Where bihar was the great place called itself the Magadha. And takshila reaching its zeinth of awareness. Creating warriors and scholar of all times.

 With mithila creating warriors like sita. And drapadhti being a fire born. With a heart which was never her’s. 


Everything was strong and delicate. Felt the royalty and poverty at the same. Were by selling salt brought then cotton. No doubt the Britishers have eaten our salt…!! 


Kohinoor is one of the truth, our tresure. We are not bound to slavery. It was just a practice to forget the rich culture we had. But have we really forgotten it…? 


Things might come and go like a King’s supremacy. But one thing will never be vanished about how yogi left their homes and made every part of the country their home. In search of their own self. Giving birth to Buddhism. Accepting it and lived a new way away from grihastha jeevan. 


With meera adding a blend to the flavor of fakir. 


That how maybe it was done. Where every moments turned into legacy with time.