As every one read….this is what happened..

So as Shani Mani and me trembled with fear of Shoki standing down our stair case with 2 big bricks in hie hands ,red eyes ,white froth coming from his mouth and his mannerisms of rage and anger…i ran to my Father to inform what an un kind and foolish act we had done and how do we handle the grim situation now!My father was a very soft hearted, loving man …very sensitive and more than a friend! So he hugged me and consoled me ,not to worry…i am here! Then he called Shani Maani who were using wash room alternatively for fear of Shoki ,whom they kept peeping standing from the unkind window from where they had teased him! They almost did a dandvat prnaam at My father s feet to save them! Thankfully till this incident happened most relatives who had come to our house had left with empty jam and pickle bottles filled with my appu shaped cake and Gajar kaa halwa ,thankfully only Shani ,Mani and their mom Shista aunty were left as they stayed 20 kms and the public bus they would have taken to reach their house would be most empty at 8 pm ,it was already 7.30 and bus stop was 15 minutes walking distance, Shani Maani s dad was an air India pilot so he was on his flight and couldn’t be contacted to pick them in his car ,we never had a four wheeler back then and who would go down and face Shoki s rage to bring an auto? So all elders decided that we called the Gali pradhan( lane head) and decide what we do…according to law and police such violent and mentally unstable people should be in asylum, its only for his growing up in colony and his widowed mothers extreme attachment and assurance that Shoki will never harm any one that the Gali pradhan had let him live in a colony where all medically atleast so called Sane people lived! So as we called him Gali pradhan first was very firm…Unless teased Shoki can never get angry or in rage!how did u incite him? At this my Grand father apologized for unkind ,foolish and ignorant behaviour of the teenager boys! Any ways the Lane head talked to Shoki s elder brother who tactfully took Shoki back to their house, by the time all this settled it was 10 pm and no public transport would be safe for reaching home for the Notorious boys and there guilty mom! So we served them Khichri…emergency food and all of us spent night talking in fear ,even a dove bird s squeaking or dogs barking at midnight made the boys rush to washroom again! As morning buses ply at 5am in Delhi ,my father ,Shishta aunty ,Shani and Mani covered themselves with black bankets and held a torch to quite ly sneak out of our house and lane to bus stop…we had heard stories…insane people dont sleep at night…so great anxiety that Shoki would be hiding and waitng for us…
But it was not he the innocent one but we the medically mentally fit who needed healing!

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