Once upon a time, there lived a monk who nobody wished to have as a disciple. He was handsomely built with broad shoulders, tall and always in a good mood. One would wonder, why such a handsome man would want to be a monk. But how to say it, he was a tad light on the brains. 

The monastery in which he lived was located near a beautiful lake teeming with swans. It was in the country of Maindakanipur. The monastery itself was so opulently built. So many sculptures that if you happen to stand at a particular point, you could read within those a new story. The monastery had a holy guardian, The Frog. The holy Guardian remained a tradition of the monastery since its inception. 

The other monks were going by their meditation routine of silence. The monk who nobody wished as a disciple took the name of ‘Famulus’ because since he had no Master, no one gave him a name. While the other monks sat in silence, Famulus sat in silence, back bent observing ants on the floor. Thereupon came Master Titulamus, the head gardener of the monastery. 

Titulamus: I told you to sit with the others and meditate. 🤨

Famulus: I am. Breathes in deeply and croaks, ‘crooooaaaaakkk’. ☺️

Titulamus: Who taught you this? 😦

Famulus: No one. It’s just…

Titulamus: of course of course, you are nobody’s disciple😏

Famulus: 🥺🥺

Titulamus: Have you seen the holy guardian? He isn’t at his altar. 🤔

Famulus: I ate it 🥱

Titulamus: You what? You ATE the holy guardian!😵😵

The other monks just glared at both of them because they felt disturbed. 🤫🤫🤫

Titulamus: why would you for Buddha’s sake eat the holy guardian???

Famulus: because it was green 🐸

Titulamus: what do you mean it was greeeeeeeeenn!!😤

Famulus: We are monks, we eat only greens!!

Titulamus: We told you at the monastery to eat greens only and greens are vegetables🥗🥦🥬. Not literally everything which is green😠.

Now rule no.1 monks don’t fret and jump like this. Stop! 🤚 We remain calm. 😌

Famulus: the holy frog needs exercises. It has to jump (jumpy jumpy jump jump).

Titulamus: how do you know that the frog needs exercise?

Famulus: because the holy guardian told me to do so. He speaks from my tummy. 

Titulamus: the holy guardian is alive. Holy Buddha! Take it out NOW. 

Famulus: He says rule number two, to keep your anger in check. 

Titulamus: ahem ahem.🙄 I am peaceful! I am your Master. Don’t argue with me!

There was a collective gasp😮😲. All heads turned towards the Master Titulamus and Famulus. 

Famulus: I got a master. I got a master. (Falling to the feet of Titulamus).

Titulamus: 😱 I didn’t say that, did I? 😵‍💫

Well, in that case, we could split your tummy and take the Holy Guardian out and sew you back! You will be out of commission for a few weeks. Not a bad thing actually. 

Famulus: while you do that master, please split me till my heart. Look into my heart and you’ll see the image of the divine 🙏. 

Tears welled up Titulamus’ eyes. A croak from Famulus and the frog jumped out to resume his place at the altar casually bathing in its small pond. 

Everything ends well. 

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