There is no reason to feel troubled
if your path has not been made clear to you yet.
When you remain true to your spirit,
courageous in action,
and listen ever to the
small guiding voice in your heart,
you find the universe soon points out its place for you,
and then leads you there
gently by the hand.

                         : Beau Taplin

This beautiful poem is written by Beau Taplin, a famous poet. The poet has shared a beautiful message which i want to summarise to family. Hope you all will like it.

If your path or your target has not been clear to you, Don’t feel troubled or sad. When you remain true to your spirit, don’t do anything wrong, feel courageous, determined and always listen to the internal voice of your heart, then universe gives you sign and also show you the right path and hold your hand and leads you to your target.

Poet wants to convey a very simple and beautiful message that a person always gets what faith decides for them. We never get more than what faith decides for us nor less than that. We should never feel scared in any situation because if will follow the path of truth, stay courageous, determined and listen to our heart, We will achieve everything that what we want.

Always listen to your heart ❤️
You will get everything what you want!


             Author – Palak Bedi

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