Om sri ram jai ram jai jai ram 🙏
Guru ,is a  very pure form of anything in this world, Be it your parents, teacher or even your children. We learn from various means ,But your Guru guides in the proper channel.
A day after Holi , my  fate changed its colours. I was 16yrs when I lost my father.  My  family was completely devastated due to the sudden loss. Just didn’t know where to start and how life would lead me?
My mother’s side…they follow a Guru Swami Ramadas, we have only seen his photo, but my mother has personally met in her childhood. I slowly got inclined to that Guru and started feeling that He is with me. We all had to face hardships after my father’s loss, but my Swamiji also lovingly know as Papa was always by my side. Till today I feel papa is with me guiding all the time, I talk and get angry at times but my Papa listens to me patiently and loves me, I have not given anything to my Guru but His love and blessings keep pouring on me .Even now I feel Papa is standing besides me and making me write.
I am a house wife and from morning to night I talk to Papa and get answers to all my questions. Papa always listens to me gives a beautiful smile like always and help me in all ways. We need to feel that what ever happens is by Gurus will .Ultimately , He will never ever leave your hand 

Jai Shri Hari!

Have a lovely day!