At the heart of love
is sweet contentment
like a walnut in a hard shell
lies the desire to find
our pristine self.
A deep stability
a quiet communion
an inviolable hope
that life must be lived
in harmony.
As the sun rides east to west
we too must find our way back
to Him
the God whose spark
is within our souls
His summons are out
and we must report.
The mind will rear its many heads
a myriad voices stinging
the good we possess
persevere we must to sail across
the giant ocean of afflictions
and virtues lost
to not drown in our narrow thoughts
sorrowful deeds
a house of cards
made out of trifling beliefs.
What a waste of a good life
to be caught up in it
and yet, as rats in a maze
we run in the tunnels
of our limiting drives.
What would it demand of us
what sacrifice must we make
to cast our old clothes in the fire
be born to a new dawn
pure as a dew drop
that falls on a young leaf
a leaf worthy of being placed
at the Lord’s feet.
I wonder will Bhagwan wait forever
for us to find Him
or are we out of time
and unknowingly we waste away
in life’s silliness
its trivialities
eating away at our merits.
O beautiful Lord
gently guide us
through the labyrinth of life and death
yours is the refuge we seek
in your flawless conduct
through the ages we’ve seen
a Bhakta even when lost
is saved by your name.
Oh save everyone Bhagwan
we are all undeserving
which is why we deserve your grace
this heart so charred
so black so tarred
longs to be bathed
in the sweet devotion
of your awesomeness.
Yours is the sky
Yours is the earth
and everything in between
take us in O Lord
make us whole
complete in the most unfathomable ways
let our hearts brim with love
kindness and empathy
a unique friendliness
a beautiful symphony…

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