Age took a toll on one of my relatives who was very sweet, bubbly and chirpy. The 89 year old lady who walked with a stick was admitted into the ICU (Intensive Critical Unit) ward as the Doctor termed her condition ‘critical’. With growing age, her organs had become weak and under that Doctor’s supervision, she became weaker.

My other relatives who stayed there in the city were allowed to visit her in the ICU ward in the evening and she would repeatedly beg them like a child to take her back home.  Assuming that such an old person is missing her home, they convinced her to stay there as the gullible them thought that she would get better under Doctor’s supervision.

One day, she called one of her children and disclosed a heart-wrenching fact. She told them that the nurses who tended to them used to beat them up in the morning with wrathful slaps and punches. As soon as the news reached us, we felt helpless- how can people be so cruel!? Maybe she used to wet her bed in the morning like old people do owing to their lack of control in many things or maybe she was too old and slow for the nurse’s or the Doctor’s patience, a slap was hatefully placed on her already shrunken cheek. She once asked the staff why she was being beaten up, and they slapped her again to make her shut up. And the unethical Doctor shamelessly said that the unconscious patients are woken up like that but that old lady was very much conscious.

Anyway, with great difficulty, she was brought back to the house because the Doctor did not want to lose on his money inflow. He tried all his emotional manipulation tricks saying this will happen and this isn’t a good decision, my relatives resisted all his hollow claims and brought her back to home as he tried to keep her as ill as possible to make her stay in the ICU and loot money from her family. Then, somebody in the morning saw how mercilessly they thrashed the poor, helpless and old patients so that they don’t heal, rather become unconscious. An unconscious patient in a ventilator was a great source of money for that Doctor as it wasn’t necessary for nurses to serve them much nor were many medical amenities being used for those patients. An unconscious patient lying flat in a ventilator is an easy ATM of money for that unethical Doctor.

Doctors, nurses and other medical staff who are ethical and are committed to service with honesty and compassion are no less than beautiful angels but there are some who spoil the reputation of such doctors with their materialistic lust. What goes around comes around and dear Reader, if somebody you love is in the hospital, please do enquire about such stuff and take strict action if the patient is violated. We did the needful and the old beautiful lady is doing better at home as a private nurse has been hired. But legally speaking, justice has not been served as a simple notice was sent to the relatives stating that an investigation was done and it was found  that no unethical activity has been committed by the medical staff. This adds to the old lady’s misery and her family’s as well. Always remember that some medical practitioners are still operating in each country who cannot be trusted fully. Stay safe, please take care.

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