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Guruji and all Singhs vacated the fort and with their families,they started leaving the fort.Ajit Singh,eldest brother instructed the younger brothers to hurry up and leave the fort.Younger brothers wanted to join elder brothers but Ajit Singh told them to leave with the mother and Grandmother.He and Jujhar Singh would leave the fort when everyone leaves and they would protect everyone.Then younger brothers replied that they want to tightly hug the elder brothers.They hugged and Ajit Singh told the younger brothers that they would meet at their next place of stay.Then younger brothers left with their grandmother.

When Singhs made an exit,Wazir Khan with his soldiers attacked the Singhs breaking the agreement.Wazir Khan instructed the soldiers that Guruji and Singhs should be killed.Ajit Singh and all the  Singhs started fighting with the soldiers of Wazir Khan.Guruji instructed the Singhs and ladies to start Kirtan and Paath(religious recitation).Ajit Singh went to stop soldiers marching towards the Sirsa river to protect the ladies and Children.It was raining heavily.The Sirsa river was already flooded.The ladies and Singhs had to cross the river to move further.So everybody started to cross the river.Hundreds of Singhs had already lost their lives in the battle.When ladies, Children and Singhs were crossing the river,Wazir Khan with his soldiers went up the hill  and hit backs of Singhs.Because of the flood,many lost their lives and flood drifted them away.

Two younger brothers with their grandmother and Gangu,a server of Guruji got seperated from the entire family and Singhs.Initially they all waited for Guruji but Gangu suggested to move ahead as the place was unsafe.So two younger brothers with their grandmother started following Gangu to his village.When Ajit Singh and Guruji did not find two younger Sahibzadas,they thought they would have gone ahead.On the other hand, Choudhary Buddhu Chand requested Guruji to stay at his place so Guruji agreed.All the Singhs,elder Sahibzadas and Guruji went to stay there.They were quite vigilant.Wazir Khan sent a message to the villagers that if anybody would help GuruJi then he would be trashed.But Villagers were ready to help GuruJi.When 40 Singhs returned to their homes leaving the fort,they were dirrespected a lot by their families.Their wives told them to sit at home and their wives were ready to fight for Guruji against Wazir Khan.Their wives called them cowards.

The Children of the village wanted to join Guruji in the battle.The younger Sahibzadas with their grandmother reached Gangu ‘s village.Jujhar Singh was remembering his brothers but Ajit Singh told him not to worry about them as their grandmother was with them  and also some Singhs.

There were ten lakh soldiers gathered outside the fort where Guruji took shelter.But Singhs were only hundred in number.Ajit Singh and all the soldiers were quite brave and they confident that they could fight with Wazir Khan and his soldiers.Then all the Singhs uttered ‘Bole So Nihal Sat Shri Akal’.Their voice could reach Wazir Khan and it felt to them as if Singhs were lakhs in number.The next day,Wazir Khan was going to attack them. At night,all the Singhs and Sahibzadas were sleeping.But Guruji was awake.He was staring them with love. Guruji already knew what was going to happen next day.

The next day,battle started.Wazir Khan ordered his soldiers to shoot arrows.It killed some of the Singhs.But Singhs went to the corners of fort and started shooting arrows on the feet of soldiers.Thousands of soldiers were shot dead.Then Wazir Khan came with the other plan.He instructed his soldiers to stand at a certain distance from the fort so that arrows of Singhs could not reach them.All the soldiers surrounded the fort.Now Guruji instructed the Singhs to go out of the fort.Singhs decided to go but in group of five.So first group of Singhs went out of the fort.Singhs killed hundreds of soldiers of Wazir Khan but ultimately lost their lives.

Now it was a turn to send next group of Singhs.Ajit Singh volunteered.But Singhs requested him not to go as his martyrdom would be a big loss to Khalsa Sikhs.But Ajit Singh was adamant.He went to Guruji and asked for his permission.Guruji granted him permission and proved that he could sacrifice his son for the Sikh community and Khalsa.Ajit Singh got ready and took Guruji’s blessings and headed towards the soldiers with four Singhs.

To be continued…


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