The History of Four Sahibzade.  

The History of Four Sabhizade 

The History of Four Sahibzade 

The History of Four Sahibzade 

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Moti,the server who brought milk for Sahibzadas and Mataji came again to feed them with milk.He gave all his wife ‘s jewellery as a cost to soldier to feed them with milk.The next day,his wife had told him to give their house to that soldier so they can continue feeding milk.So when he came,Mataji could only bless him.Moti replied ‘Mataji what else one would carry  from this world after death except invocations(dua)’ and he left.

Mataji said ‘Children you have not  told me what happened in the court today’.

Sahibzadas said ‘Dadi maa,What would have happened.They had forgotten our grandfather ‘s sacrifice so we reminded them.They were threatening death.They said, accept our religion or accept the death.They also said that our both elder brothers have lost their lives in battle.’

Mataji hugged both of them.Mataji knew somewhere that news of the death of her elder grandsons was true.But she did not let her younger grandsons beleive in that.

Next day, Sahibzadas were again called in court.Nawab Malerkotla was also present there.Wazir Khan introduced him in the court and told all the ministers that Guruji had killed Nawab ‘s two brothers in the battlefield.

Minister to Sahibzadas ‘Do you both know why your father killed two of Nawab ‘s brothers.’

One Sahibzada replied ‘They must have made a mistake.’

Wazir Khan said ‘Such a small Children,but such a long tongue.’

Sahibzadas said ‘Such a big Wazir,but such lousy actions.’

Wazir said ‘If u disrespect me,you would lose your life.’

Sahibzadas replied ‘We can accept the death but we won’t bow down.’

Qazi said ‘Children Are you not afraid of death’

Sahibzada said ‘Are you not afrraid of God.’

Qazi replied ‘Watch your tongue,you fearless.’

Sahibzadas said ‘We live fearlessly,we die fearlessly because we are Guru ‘s Singhs.’

Qazi replied ‘Singh..Hahaha’.

Sahibzadas replied ‘A good working guy is Singh.One who spreads happiness and wipe away tears of people is the real Singh.One who becomes the strength of the weak person is Singh.One who sacrifices his life for the justice is a Singh.’

Wazir Khan said ‘O Singhs,Nawab ‘s brothers were fighting for justice when your father killed them in the battle.’

Sahibzada said ‘If a life is lost in battle that is called sacrifice.If you are calling their sacrifice a slaughter,then you are insulting his brothers.’

Wazir Khan replied ‘You can’t cover your father ‘s crimes with a net of words.You will pay for your father ‘s deeds and your punishment would be decided by Nawab.’

Nawab was watching everything.

Wazir Khan said ‘Nawab Sahab,What punishment you want to decide for your rivals.’

Nawab replied ‘I want revenge for my brothers but these children are not guilty of it.I will exact revenge from Guruji in the battlefield.I want you to release the Children and mother of Guruji for the sake of humanity.’

Sahibzadas to Nawab ‘Nawab Sahab you have proved today that only a good person can be a true Muslim.’

Wazir Khan was astonished.

Wazir Khan said ‘I will release them if you want but let me first ask them what will they do after getting released.’

Sahibzadas said ‘We will do what our Guru father is doing and what our future generations will do.’

Minister said ‘What ‘

Sahibzadas said ‘ We will fight against  injustices.’

Wazir Khan said ‘How will you do that ?’

Sahibzadas said ‘We will gather all our Guru father ‘s Singhs and we will make an army.’

Wazir Khan said ‘Have you all heard ? They want to do against us what their father is already doing.Now you all  ministers tell me ,What are your views.’

One minister replied ‘Now they all would have same view point that Children of a snake are snakes only.’

Sahibzadas to minister ‘Watch your tongue.He is the friend of supressed people  and nobleness is his identity,bow your head and respect him,Guru Gobind Singh is his name.You should be grateful that we are in your prison, we swear by our father that otherwise you would have lost your life till now.’

Wazir Khan Said ‘You Children of Guru Gobind,I don’t want to hear anything.Accept the Islam or get ready to lose your life.’

Sahibzadas were ready to sacrifice their lives.

Wazir Khan read something which Qazi gave to him and announced ‘Brick them alive tomorrow.’

Nawab was sad but could not do anything and left the court.

The Sahibzadas were standing like warriors on hearing that.

Mataji also came to know about that.

No mason was ready to perform that act.But Wazir Khan asked two of the prisoners to perform the act and he would forgive them.Wazir Khan ‘s wife was shocked on hearing that.

Now Sahibzadas were with Mataji in Thanda Burj.

Sahibzadas ‘We have finished recitations and Moti left after feeding milk but you did not ask what happened in the court.’

Mataji said ‘Children ,the same arguments.’

Sahibzadas said ‘Daadi Maa, whatever happened in the court,we are happy with that.’

Mataji said  ‘Happy,Why are you happy.’

Sahibzadas said ‘We are happy that we lived up to your expectations.We are happy that we maintained our father and grandfather ‘s dignity.We are happy that we did not lose our religion.We are happy that we  remembered your teachings and our Gurbani.’

Mataji hugged both of them and said ‘I am so proud of you both my sons.’

Sahibzadas said ‘Qazi told the Wazir to brick us alive.’

Mataji was sad and she said ‘They will brick you alive,they won’t kill you.’

Sahibzadas said ‘Yes Daadi Maa,They won’t kill us.’

Wazir Khan ‘s wife  requested him to change his decision and said ‘She don’t want that history would remember you as killer of innocent children.’

Wazir Khan said ‘People would say that I was afraid of these children.Now nothing can be done.’

He was adamant and went away.

At night ,Wazir Khan ‘s wife came to meet Mataji.She folded her hands and bowed her head.Mataji blessed her.

Next day, soldiers came and ordered Mataji to prepare Sahibzadas for the punishment.

Mataji was sad and she hugged both.

She took Kalgis (cluster of feathers worn on the front of turban on wedding day) and made them wear  with love on the turban.She was teary eyed.They touched her feet,took blessings and left.It was time to say final good bye and it was so emotional time  that people gets teary eyed on hearing this.

Sahibzadas reached at a place where Wazir Khan,Qazi and masons (prisoners)were already standing.

Qazi said ‘You still have time.’

Sahibzadas said ‘You still have time Qazi Sahab,give up your mind otherwise our spilled blood on this earth would definitely bring new  colours one day.’

Qazi replied ‘Which colours will it bring.Will palace be built in your memory.Start bricking them.’

The prisoners started to make brick walls around them.Sahibzadas closed their eyes and started reciting Paath.Maataji was also praying.

The youngest Sahibzada to the elder one ‘ You came on land before me but we are going to meet our Grandfather together.’

Masons constructed walls around them.Only two bricks were left to be placed infront of their eyes.

Wazir Khan said ‘Still something can be done.’

Sahibzadas did not reply.

He ordered masons to place the two bricks.Now they were completely bricked.

Wazir Khan stood there till last.The walls broke and Sahibzadas were lying unconscious.Mataji also lost her life in Thanda Burj just then.The Sahibzadas were still alive but Wazir Khan ordered the prisoners to slit their necks.So Sahibzadas sacrificed their lives.

Gangu lost his mental balance and all the money and wandered into nowhere.Moti and his family were crushed to death in stone grinders punished for offering milk.40 Singhs sacrificed their lives in another battle.Gurudwaras were built in the loving memory of Sahibzadas in Chamkaur and Sirhind.You can visit there.Nawab Malerkotla was blessed by Guru Sahib for rightful stand,his legacy prospers till date and everyone even the Muslims of Malerkotla adulate Guru Sahib till date.When Guru Sahib was informed how Wazir Khan had martyred his younger two sons,he plucked a small plant out of the ground with his arrow and said “one can count on fingers the number of years this brutal Mughal regime will rule now”.So it happened Mughals who ruled for over 200 years started to lose their grip on India thereon.

Right has always won over wrong and so it shall always.After a span of five years,Banda Singh Bahadur attacked Sirhind,his companion Fateh Singh beheaded Wazir Khan.

Banda Singh Bahadur rescued the locals of Sirhind from Mughal Empire.



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