The History of Four Sahibzade.

The History of Four Sabhizade.   

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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji went out of the fort with four Singhs.He killed thousands of soldiers of Wazir Khan.Wazir Khan ordered his soldiers to shoot arrows.Hundreds of soldiers shot arrows which crossed Ajit Singh Ji.Ajit Singh turned towards the fort where Guruji was standing, uttered Waheguru and martyred himself.Guruji was watching everything but he did not speak a word.

Sahibzada Jujhar Singh who was watching his brother standing next to Guruji wanted to go now.Singhs requested him not to go because he was just 14 and Ajit Singh had already sacrificed his life.But Jujhar Singh said he would fight just like his brother,he could atleast kill 10 to 15 soldiers.He turned towards Guruji.Guruji handed him sword.Jujhar Singh Ji got ready,took blessings and headed towards the soldiers.He killed 20 soldiers and atlast lost his life because a sword crossed him.Guruji was watching everything.

The younger brothers with their grandmother (Mata Gujri) were staying at Gangu ‘s place.Mata Gujri Ji had small bag which had gold coins.Mata ji gave some coins to Gangu ‘s wife to buy some essentials for the house.When Gangu saw this,his greedy mind thought to steal the gold coins.At night,when Mataji was sleeping,Gangu stole the coins.He told Mataji that someone stole the coins and ran away.Mataji told him ‘Dont worry, that thief must be in need’.Gangu replied – ‘But Mataji he stole your treasure’.Mataji said ‘My treasure is with me,My Sahibzadas’.

At night,Guruji decided that he would go in the battlefield.When five Singhs (paanch pyare) got to know this,they wanted to stop him at any cost.So they went to Guruji and requested him not to go. paanch Pyaare were Guruji  ‘s five Singhs who had given birth to Khalsa.And they had certain rights to request Guruji.They requested him to leave the fort at night.Guruji changed his attire and went out of the fort at night.But he went out like a warrior and challenged the soldiers ‘Hind ka peer Jaa raha hai Koi Rok Sako To Roklo’.But soldiers were in their camps at night.The winds blew to indicate soldiers that something was going.But they did not get to know anything.

The next day, battle continued.Wazir Khan reached the fort and saw a dead Singh in Guruji ‘s attire.Wazir Khan said that Guruji left the fort and nobody came to know.How was that possible?.Then one soldier replied that Guruji was challenging us loudly last night and he had told one Faujdaar about that.Wazir Khan told that why he did not tell him.He ordered the soldiers to find Guruji.

Next day,when younger brothers awoke,they told that they had seen their grandfather in dream .He was in a big palace and Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh were also there.Mataji was wondering how they both have seen the same dream.She prayed.(Actually their Grandfather was no more).

Gangu who was already greedy,wanted a prize so he went to Wazir Khan’s soldiers and told them that Mataji with younger sons of Guruji were staying at his place.Soldiers came and took them along with them.Village people were  gathered outside and were watching everything but they did nothing.Younger Sahibzadas were happily going with the soldiers.

Soldiers were looking for Guruji and they saw Mata Bhago Ji (Sikh Woman and warrior)  and asked her whether she had seen Guruji.She replied yes,she sees Guruji every day and she had just seen Guruji.Soldier asked where she had seen Guruji.She said whenever she closes her eyes,she gets a sight of Guruji.Soldiers said they have to find Guruji and they would kill him.Mata Bhago Ji said to first fight with her in order to reach Guruji.She killed all the 10 soldiers who were finding Guruji.Mata Bhago Ji reached the village where people did not do anything to save Sahibzadas.She called them Cowards.

Guruji was in one of the forest.His clothes were torn and his feet were injured.Soldiers imprisoned Mataji and younger Sahibzadas.But Wazir Khan ordered his soldiers to send them in Thanda Burj(Cold room).No water and food would be given to them.So now,Mataji and Sahibzadas were in Thanda Burj.Sahibzadas were still smiling but Mataji was teary eyed.Sahibzadas were telling their grandmother that they are following her teachings and she had taught them that whatever happens is for our good only,then why is she sad.On hearing this,Mataji was really proud of her grandsons.

Moti,a server bribed the soldier and brought milk for them in Thanda Burj.He was thankful that he had got chance to serve Sahibzadas and Mataji.Mataji asked Moti whether he had any news  about Guruji.Moti said he is omniscient,he knows everything,how would he know about him.He told Mataji about the battle of Chamkaur but he did not know about the result.

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