The History of Four Sahibzade

The History of Four Sabhizade

The History of Four Sahibzade

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Two Muslim brothers had requested Guru Gobind Singh Ji to stay with them at their place so he stayed with them during those days. Guruji was not against any Muslim,he was against those powerful Mughals who were compelling innocent people to convert to Muslims and were robbing  their wealth.It was not a fight between Sikh and Muslim but between good and evil.

Wazir Khan was in his court where his people were saying that they could not oppress Mataji and younger Sahibzadas because they were innocent and this is against their religion.Wazir Khan said their fault is that they are sons of Guruji who has made their life hell.

A special Qazi of Wazir Khan suggested that if they make Sahibzadas accept their Muslim religion,they can take revenge from Guruji.Wazir Khan liked the idea and said if his sons would accept Islam,that would be the biggest defeat of Guruji.

Two soldiers of Wazir Khan took the Sahibzadas along with them to the court where Wazir Khan was already present with his ministers.One minister of Wazir Khan was telling him that now sons of Guruji would bow their heads infront of him.But when Sahibzadas entered the court,they came like warriors and Wazir Khan was shocked.After entering the court, Sahibzadas uttered ‘Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh’.Then one minister spoke ‘This is Wazir Khan’s court.Noone can speak of other religion here except Islam.Say sorry,Bow your head and salute him with respect’.Sahibzada said ‘We beleive in Waheguru and we bow down for God who is within everybody in the form of soul.We don’t bow infront of anybody except that God.’

Qazi said ‘You are speaking like a Kafir’.Sahibzadas said ‘Kafir is that person who forcefully makes people change their religion.Kafir is that who misuses his power.A person who has faith in Islam is a true Muslim.One who betrays is real Kafir and a cheater’.

Qazi stood up and said ‘Now you would teach us our religion’.Sahibzada said ‘ We only know about our religion.Our religion doesn’t make one slave’.

Wazir Khan said ‘My soldiers are finding your father in every direction’.Sahibzadas said ‘Just like a light which is impossible to capture, Nobody in the world can capture our Guru father.He has that shine that makes people to bow down and salute him.If someday you will meet him,you will automatically bow down infront of him’.Then Wazir Khan got a sight of Guruji.He was silent.Sahibzadas said ‘What happened Khan Sahab,it feels you got a sight of Guruji’.

Wazir Khan got agitated and said Khamosh.Then he politely said ‘Look,Now you two stay with us.Your every requirement would be fulfilled.Where would you go because we would capture your father.And your two elder brothers have already lost their lives.’

Sahibzadas said ‘We don’t believe you.You have a bad intention.You have captured us without any crime’.

Minister said ‘Accept the Islam otherwise you will lose your lives like your elder brothers.’

Sahibzadas said ‘Our religion has taught us to sacrifice our life firstly,so don’t give us death threats.’

Minister said ‘Children,speak about life.You will get everything.You will live a luxurious life like a prince.If I have forgotten anything,then you remind me.’

Sahibzada said ‘Yes,I remind you of that what my grandfather Guru Teg Bahadur Ji had said to those Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to change their religion.Guru Teg Bahadur Ji had said to tell those oppressors to first  make him change his religion,If he would change his religion then you all will change your religion.’

Wazir Khan replied ‘ Yes,I remember.’

Sahibzada said ‘Our grandfather had sacrificed his life to save someone’s religion and you are telling his grandsons  to change their religion.Think again,whether you are making a mistake.’

Wazir Khan said ‘His wife, I mean your grandmother is still alive.Go and discuss this with her.You have one day to think.’

Sahibzadas uttered ‘Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh’ and left the court.People in court were discussing these children make elders shut their mouth.Gangu was standing outside the court.Sahibzadas stared him and moved on.

Sahibzadas went to Mataji and hugged her who was already teary eyed.

Wazir Khan was having discussion with his special  minister and Qazi  who were telling him that these children are not ordinary and we don’t think they would accept Islam.

Wazir Khan said that he would make them accept Islam at any cost.Then Qazi said ‘Dont forget Khan Sahab,all the ministers of court should agree if we have to do anything against them.’

Wazir Khan came with an idea to call Nawab Malerkotla whose brothers were killed in a battle with Singhs.He was confident that he would support him and he would be able to fulfill his motives.

To be continued…



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