Parents are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other’s who help us learn and grow. They are diverse like your friends, mentor, lover’s, crushes most importantly your life.

Every other thing just becomes a situation or a medium through which we are mold to believe that we are growing. But the basic fanda of a living being.Is, how these people, places and things give’s a person an art of living . Humans are books they teach us how to live through the experience and memories we create together.

They bring in new laws of life which are hardly been discovered without  skipping them. After that comes the history ,geography, tradition and rituals of a particular community or the whole world we tend to live in. It makes us feel grounded. And, hence adds essence in our living. You know there are always some living mortal being which attracts us towards  their way of living.

They have a simply way of thinking. And how briefly we want to be like them atleast a pinch of it. Which make us  inspired to behave like the person and adapt it in our routine. Slowly and gradually we tend to form like so many people. Intentional or unintentionally.

Read humans carefully. They behave a lot different then; they seem to do. The iceberg is much bigger then it seems.