One of the problems with the education system is that it creates an illusion of scarcity of knowledge and skill. Growing up I realized that I could solve most of the problems that the system made me believe were real for eg. lack of motivation, only toppers can communicate or give speeches, good memory, etc. can be attained with a mere 15 min. of practice a day with just a few clicks on amazon books. Later with this same method of research, I was able to create a 10x optimization in many of the skills that the education system pits us against, and we think that there is too much competition and I am not enough. “competition bohut zyada he”, “competitive scenario he” etc. 

The reality is that most of these things are more accessible than electricity or water supply in urban areas. It is just that the system is not designed for skill. In fact, 10 times optimization in a particular life or technical skill is just a few clicks away. For eg. I recently found a 10x program for health that builds muscle in just 2 hours a week of HIIT protocol, I learned how enlightenment today is hundreds of times easier than Lord Buddha’s time (and several protocols for the same), anyone can learn to invent with practice and no such thing as a born genius exists (James Altucher’s 10 ideas a day method), with just 15 min. of visualization per day a fountain of the white heat of burning desire and motivation can be set going from the subconscious mind near permanently, etc.

It reminds me of a metaphor where a Baby Elephant is raised tied to a post and after it is a full-grown adult it loses its self-belief due to the conditioning. Like sailors who die of thirst after getting stuck in the sea with water all around them. But this time the water is saltless! 

This is why a habit of personal growth is important.

This is my first post just to start the momentum, so it is a bit short 🙂

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