The Importance to Keep Yourself Extremely Fit

 I was never an outdoor person and if I were given an opportunity to sleep for a few more hours in bed when I was young, I would have accepted that offer gladly. Me and my sister loved doing that. She would wrap herself under the quilt, and would be there for some time like a baby koala, till my mother came lovingly and had to pull off the quilt. Then the tug of war would begin, and I remember just being so happy to join in😉. I was a light sleeper though :). By the way she is my elder sister, and she is extremely dear to me! 😊

Thinking about it now, it angers me that I was irresponsible of my own health.  I am now 28 years of age, and I sincerely wish to keep myself extremely fit, and to have a well-toned body. I shall aim to get a 6-pack body and will achieve it at any cost.  Comprende? Si. 

We all might make mistakes during our lives but aren’t we going to correct them? The choices we make are very much in our hands! What we are going to do, and how we would keep ourselves fit, will ultimately decide how fit and healthy we become. 

I have recently decided that whenever I start my office work it will be on the treadmill. I did a DIY approach to make it feasible. I have used a wooden plank from my shelf to make this happen. As of now it is very much manageable.  My first trial run was last Friday. I must have walked for around 2 hours, but just stopped briefly. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and plan to do it each day. I also plan to get myself a personal trainer and wish to start training as soon as I can.

When we exercise it helps us greatly in so many ways. Not only will our endurance improve greatly but our immune system which protects us from diseases will work incredibly much better. Our heart and lungs will become much stronger and when we exercise our brain produce hormones and neurotransmitters that have a positive impact on your mood, memory, energy levels and sense of well-being.  Wouldn’t we want this? This is just too awesome and it is a very simple thing to do indeed. Take some time to exercise each day, at least for 1 hour of intense workout.  We deserve this time for ourselves and for our body and we must be selfish here, there is no other way.  

I do not want to waste this beautiful life which is a gift from the divine and I wish to live it to the fullest. Hopefully, everyone understands the importance of exercising and keeps themselves extremely fit.  There is not any reset button, nor is there a rewind button in life. ‎

Jaago aur bahut der hone se pahale apanee galatiyon ka ehasaas karo.

Please stay safe, stay well and hope you enjoy exercising . 🙂