Death. One word that is a story/paragraph/essay/article in itself. It is enough to cause stir in the minds of all, unequivocally. Not just that, if you speak this one word in market-place, you may end up becoming cynosure. Some people may even charge at you.

Much has been explored and written on it, and it still intrigues everyone. One such book is “Journey of Souls – Case Studies of Life Between Lives” by Dr. Michael Newton. Interesting name right? Well, the book explores the inevitable journey between death of one physical body to the birth of another physical body. If you are into spirituality a bit also, you must be aware of one fact at least, that you are a soul embodied in a physical frame of bones and flesh. Or at least you have read about such a thing, for sure. 

Dr. Michael Newton was a highly acclaimed international spiritual regressionist & psychotherapist, who discovered how to enable people to access the wisdom of the spirit world and their higher guidance while living their lives. He was born in 1931 in Los Angeles, United States and left his mortal frame in September, 2016. His book is based on more than 30 years of his experience as a psychotherapist and his interviews with his clients.

Some excerpts from the book:

  1. By choosing to die as I did means I have to come back later and deal with the same thing all over again in a different life. I just wasted a lot of time by checking out early. (58)
  2. Souls in a high state of advancement are often found in humble circumstances on Earth. By the same token, people in the upper strata of influence in human society are by no means in a blissful state of soul maturity. (105)
  3. Dr. N: Who actually created you and Ahmed? S: The One. (126)
  4. If we become angry, resentful and confused by our life situations, this does not necessarily mean, we possess underdeveloped spirit. Soul development is a complex matter where we progress by degrees in a variety of areas in an uneven manner. (127)
  5. When a soul is inside a damaged body (handicapped), this choice can involve a learning path to another type of lesson. (222).

With less than 280 pages, the book has 15 chapters and for obvious reasons, the first chapter is titled – Death and Departure. Most of the book has interviews with direct questions and answers, interspersed with Dr. Newton’s observations. He also quoted wisdom from other texts such as the Bhagwad Geeta, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Egyptian Book of the Dead etc.

I have read portions of the books almost every 3-6 months in past 8 years. Every time I am intrigued more and more. Besides the enumerating the entire journey, the author has also talked about a Beginner Soul, Intermediate Soul, and Advanced Soul. Of course, he has mentioned, that the levels are basis his findings only, and may not hold true on the other side. 

So, fascinated? Get it. You will not be disappointed. A definite eye-opener. After starting it, you may not feel like putting it down. Riveting.

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