Sastang pranam at your lotus feet oh Swamiji.

Today’s topic is related to huge pool of information being bombarded on us and how to handle the same. I will be sharing my thoughts on this.

In the Information Technology driven world, we are generating huge pool of information. But how much percentage of the information is really worth its value? Let me elaborate with example: I took a selfie and posted on some social media platform. It is stored in the server or cloud. The servers require physical hardware, continuous supply of energy to keep them running and always be on-line. The energy is generated using conventional method of burning fossil fuel. So the soft copy which I generated and thought is ‘Green’ is not that green. It has not helped in decreasing the overall Carbon footprint. It has served no purpose to sooth Mother Nature.

You can argue that if the energy is generated by non-conventional source, then? But my friend, 100% green energy is a myth, at least as on date. The EV which claim to eliminate carbon footprint are nothing but illusion. They require charging. The electricity used for charging them is mostly generated by conventional method. Even if some percentage are solar or wind powered or even nuclear powered, nothing to be that happy about. To harness Solar or Wind energy, the equipment required are produced in a method which is not free from carbon generation. And about nuclear, although having some knowledge of Nuclear Science, I can say that running a nuclear reactor costs a bomb and the radioactive waste generated in the process gives more headache than the quantum of energy it generates.

It seems that, I am veering from the topic. Yeah, like me billions of people are uploading photos, videos, selfies, reels etc. every moment. We all are getting bombarded with various types of information related to an array of things from football to politics to stock market. Often we get confusing and opposing information. This creates friction in our mind. And at times we get unwanted additional information like, one Social Media feed shows one of our friends is enjoying a lot in Europe trip. Suddenly we start feeling cursed in our job and a sense of unhappiness descends in our heart.

In all these noise, the true signal which is the connection between us and our higher self gets subdued. We all have a lot of potential and our natural state of being always tends to be happy. But we manipulate the things to grab more happiness than required and then fall victim of our own effort which in first place was unwarranted for. We lose ourselves in the vast ocean of information on how happier others are and a pal of gloom descends. Collecting a mine of information is not bad, but we should be knowing how to process them. The problem begins when we over-collect information and over-process (or under-process) them.

Before putting forth my opinion in the next part on how to handle bombardment of information, I would like to know from you – how you do it?

Thank you very much and Ja Shri Hari…