Real motivation in you 🙏🏻 Believe in yourself , life is really good . Do the best for you ❤

I am on the way , loving the ray 

Where everyone is away .

I don’t blame whatever is remain, 

The thing which is for me will come to me again and again.

You try to make me dull , but I was not so foolish , I cleared all the catches and moved away.

This life is so big so live it to the fullest 

I am on the way where everyone will play a game .

They will always be yours if you are working for them all day long .

But when you stop they will tie their note and move to another road .

There are two roads in our life, one which is good and another which looks good but is bad . 

The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away .

  Bishop – TD Jakes says : 

If you can’t figure out your purpose then you need to find your passion . For your passion Will lead you right into your purpose 

Psychology Says – when you focus on your problems You will have more problems. 

When you focus on your possibilities You will have more Opportunities .

Live in such a way that if someone speaks bad against you , No one would believe in it .

Stop chasing the wrong one 

The write one won’t run 

Thanks for reading 

Live ,love , laugh ,give 

Jai Shri Krishna 

Luv Sarpal 

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