I have always believed that everything and everyone in this universe are inter connected with each other in one way or the other. I used to observe people and always thought that in all this hustle bustle of their life, they all are connected with each other through some common thing, place  person or emotion. I had have many experiences in my life which affirmed this belief.

The most interesting experience in this regard was when I met a middle aged couple on a bus in July 2006, when I was going to Shri Badrinath from Kedar Nath. They were Mr and Mrs Sharma from Delhi. During our causal chats, Mrs Sharma asked about my education and work. I told her about my Law degree. She got curious and asked if Law and CS serve same purpose? Mr Sharma interved and told her that these are two distinct degrees with different work profiles. We continued our chats.

At that time, I had just quit the company where I worked as a law officer was preparing for the services. During my stint as law officer there, I met Mr S. Anand who was from Bihar and was working as CS in the said company. We became good friends over there.

Continuing our talks, Mrs Sharma told that they had one tenant at Delhi who was from Bihar and was persuing his CS degree. I somehow got some kind of intuition and asked name of that gentleman. They had already forgotten his name but when I casually asked that were they talking about Mr. S. Anand, Mrs Sharma gave a loud shriek. “How it’s possible”, was also the exclamation of Mr. Sharma. Yes! They were in fact talking about Mr. S. Anand from Bihar who lived as tenant with them at Delhi and was working as Company Secretary in the same organisation where I worked.

Isn’t it strange? I met two complete strangers in the bus going to Badrinath from Kedarnath but we knew one person in common who was the connecting factor between us and we were thinking and talking about him at the same time without knowing each others’ connection with him. 

When we reached Badrinath, I bid adieu to them as they already had their bookings while I was to look for the accommodation. But still, the connection wasn’t over yet. While returning from Badrinath to Haridwar, we again boarded same bus co- incidentally.

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