My mother-in-law came almost running to my room around 2 PM. She was not able to speak a word even.  And my evil mind thought the worst possible things in a few moments. I was setting my cupboard at that time, sitting in the pool of unpacked clothes. “Come fast, a girl has attacked Mrs Jaiswal. The girl is running fast from her gate. She has two big sticks in her hand”, she said hurriedly dragging me out towards our gate. Mrs Jaiswal is my next-door neighbour. I tried to see the back of the girl in the middle of the lane. She was not running at all. Ohh…  she is Sonia. Mrs Garg’s full-time helper, covering her head and face with her dupatta to save herself from the scorching heat. Two sticks were actually to be used by Mrs Garg for the Jagon ceremony of her son’s wedding. Mrs Garg would decorate those sticks with colourful paper and sparkles. We were laughing like mads when Mrs Jaiswal told us in the evening about the whole incident.

PS This is the last day activity of the writing challenge. We have to answer three questions by writing a story…..

1. Who is Sonia?

2. Whose house is she coming out of?

3. What is she carrying?