A poem on how the limitations of my own mind and my own negative tendencies limits me to connect to the divine. So here it goes:-

The jar of my mind is teeming with holes
Of expectations and desires of ages old
And all my love leaks through them
Your divine love I fail to hold

The barriers made of Anger and Lust
And my Ego’s never-ending thirst
Have confined me to Ignorance’s cage
Where I degrade and painfully rust

The love you incessantly pour onto me
My limited perception fails to see
O holy mother! O holy mother!
Please do have mercy upon me

I keep knocking on foreign doors
In blind streets and ignorant shores
But fail to catch a reflection of yours
In this life’s cyclical course

I know I am slow and very weak
But this is how I am –a delicate twig
Bear with me, mother, bear with me!
For you are the one I forever seek

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