All over the world temples are associated with faith and purity. Used to purify the mind and soul of an individual who enters the sanctum of the temple. A bell at the entry of the temple is not just to make a sound as a doorbell installed to be rung while entering, but it is a scientific instrument which when rung produces the sound of Om which is said to be the sole reason of the existence of the Universe.

But, Mythologically it has a very important aspect provided to the temples if studied in deeply. The location where these temples are established have a very high magnetic field and radiate  Positive Vibrations. One more thing that is attached to temples is that they are either established on the riverside or fresh water sources. 

If scientifically seen, it is said if an individual visits a temple with his body wet, the energies absorbed by the same in the temple will be very high. The same concept though has been forgotten by the temples but in Sikh Community, it is Mandatory to be wet hands and feet along with your heads covered before you enter the GURUDWARA. If the same is applied in the context of social concept, the idea was to keep the water bodies clean as the faith of society was attached to the temples was the one reason and the most important reason was to keep the sanity of water bodies, temples were constructed around or along with it.  In ancient times when the population was low and people used to live in small groups there was just one temple in an area comprising of 5 to 6 villages. People from every village used to come together sometimes for cleaning the temple and areas along with.

With the passage of time and with the increase in population temples starting cropping up in every village and to be precise it was adjoining a well. The shifting of temples into the village was not that it was required but it was because of the rise of ego and clash of interest. As more and more materialistic approach came in temple started cropping up in every maholla and road crossing wherein the faith was taken over by ego, pride and Commercial interest of people. Now, the temples started to be established in every home and as a matter of fact, every room as everyone is actually interested in different idols and have lost the core value of Sanathan Dharam.

As a fact, the basic concept of the temple being a place of worship, positive vibes, and faith, where people of a whole society used to come, meet, sing, play, and worship have lost its piousness to the ever-increasing materialist approach of the world where ego is much more than faith. To conclude the same it is high time that our generation should go back to basic and analyze the reasons why our ancestors used to follow a certain custom and what was the reason which was laid down to preserve the society. It is an age-old saying that basics are always right and in this complex world of gadgets, technology we need to go back to our basics and relive the entire moment understand and rethink of actually remodeling our entire model of society and learn a lot from the basic.

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