Keanu has done a lot of movies and these movies cover almost all the genres of movies. The genres that Keanu has dabbled in are romantic, historical, comedy, drama, science fiction and even action. I have mostly watched Keanu’s action movies. Keanu’s most oldest movie that i have watched is Speed. It came in 1990s but i watched it just a few years back on my television. In this movie, Keanu plays the role of a police officer and he is shown as an honest and hardworking police officer. His main motive in the movie is to diffuse a bomb that is placed on a bus. His character very heroically jumps on the bus from a car at one point in the film and he performed this dangerous stunt all by himself. The bus can’t stop or slow down because if it does then the bomb will explode. Sandra Bullock, the famous Hollywood actress played the role of a passenger on this bus. After the driver of the bus gets shot, Sandra’s character drives the bus and saves the passengers. Both Keanu’s and Sandra’s characters saves the passengers’ lives by transporting them to another bus. ‘Speed’ made Keanu the new action hero of Hollywood and the movie also turned out very successful. 

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