Some years after ‘Speed’ movie came on the big screen, Keanu’s most famous movie released and it was called “The Matrix”. Although I haven’t watched it personally but i have read a lot about it. It was truly a very path breaking and trendsetting movie in terms of action, philosophy, science fiction and special effects. It helped the people to question the very basis of reality. Matrix changed people’s life, who watched it not just for entertainment; but also for contemplation. It changed Keanu’s life for the good as well. The Matrix had such a huge cultural and social impact; that only few movies had been able to achieve. It was followed by 2 more sequels that released in early 2000s; namely ” The Matrix: Reloaded” and “The Matrix: Revolutions”. Now after 2 decades, the fourth part of the film series has released and is running in cinemas right now. Keanu has reprised his role in it and the movie is called ” The Matrix: Resurrections”.

There’s another big movie of Keanu named ‘ The Day The Earth Stood Still’ and i have watched this movie on television. It is a remake of a very old movie with the same name. In this movie, Keanu plays the role of an alien that is sent to Earth to warn humans about their complete annihilation if they don’t course correct soon. In this movie, it’s shown that humans are causing a lot of damage to the planet and it’s environment. Keanu’s character not only warns humans but also protects them in the climax of the movie. All in all, it’s a good movie with a beautiful message. 

To Be Continued…

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