The movie that made Keanu’s Renaissance possible is “John Wick”. Although John Wick was a small budget movie but it had great action, emotional story and a lot of the things shown in the movie matched with Keanu’s personal life as well. People connected a lot with John Wick and that’s what made this amazing movie so successful. It was followed by an even more awesome sequel called “John Wick: Chapter 2” and it took off from where the first part ended. It was even more successful and it earned double of what the first part made. The third part of the movie series came out soon after the second part and it was called “John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum”. The stakes were even higher in this part and this movie really opened the John Wick Cinematic Universe. The third part was also the most successful out of the whole film series and it earned double the amount of money of what the second part made. I have watched the whole John Wick Trilogy and i can say that they are the best action films that i have ever watched. 

Keanu reeves filmography is really a work of art and every film stands out on its own. I have written about Keanu’s movies(most of which are action films) because they really touched me. I also wrote about some of his movies so as to show the contrast in between his real life and reel life. Now, i will write about that why Keanu is ‘The Kindest Actor ‘!

To Be Continued…

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