The most recent RAK that Keanu did; which got much publicized because of social media is when Keanu was traveling in an airplane. He was traveling to Los Angeles from San Francisco. But due to a technical glitch, the flight had an emergency landing at the small airport of Bakersfield, California. Although, Keanu could have taken privilege of his Hollywood Celebrity status and have easily got to Los Angeles; but he decided not to do that. Instead, Keanu helped his fellow passengers to reach Los Angeles along with him. He arranged cabs and taxis for every passenger and he went along with them in the same vehicle as well. 

In his professional life, Keanu is also very courteous. Keanu greets each and every person present on the movie set. Keanu even takes his film’s crew members for free breakfasts and lunches; while generously paying the bills for them. 

It’s said that the huge money that Keanu made after the success of the matrix; he gave away most of it to the costumes and special effects teams. Keanu even gave a custom built Harley Davidson motorcycle to every stuntmen that worked in the matrix. More recently, Keanu gave a very rare Rolex Submariner watch to every stuntmen that worked on John Wick: Chapter 4. Keanu did all of these RAKs for his film crews; so as to show his gratitude for them and to thank them for the fabulous work that they did in his movies. It’s no wonder then, that Keanu is Hollywood’s film crew’s favorite actor. 

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