I just sat down to write a poem. My 4 year old happened to stroll by. I wanted to see if she could come up with a story on the fly. So I asked her to make up a story and I will write it for her as she was cooking it up. To my surprise, she did, in less than 20 minutes! So here it is, fresh out of the oven!

I made as less edits as possible to her orally narrated story, to retain her signature, toddler carefreeness towards her tenses and grammar. 

The Kitten and the Chicken

There is a cat, no a kitten, walking down the street.

She is feeling tired, she rests down a tree. She is so tired. And when she saw a basket, it was in front of the tree, down on the ground, there was a lot of fluffy stuff in it. She started to nap in it.

When she was napping in her cozy basket, a cycle came by.

The cycle was stuck in the mud, and then the cycle fell into the mud, and then the person also fell into the mud on his head. Then he got out from the mud and then pulled out the cycle with the help of a stick. The cycle got out.

But the stick was still caught in the wheel. And then he started peddling without noticing the stick.

And then when the cycle came near to the cat, the stick got loose and popped out and went to the cat. It hit cat’s paw and then the stick just flew over it on to the ground. The cat was now hurt and got blood and owie in her paw.

And then a chicken came to the cat. The chicken was right on top of the tree under which the cat was sleeping. It flied down and went near to the cat and gave a bandage to the cat. They became friends and talked much.

“You can come to my house, but only if you hold on to my feet then I can fly you up to my house!”, said the chicken.

“Where is your house?”, asks the kitten.

“It’s right on top of the tree, under the tree where you were napping, that’s where my house is”, said the chicken. “I have food, I have a dog machine, I eat all the candies that come out of it.  and then a a kitten machine for you, the candies that come out of it, only kittens can eat them. There is a tiny paw on kitten machine, and if the kitten presses it, all the candies fall into the kitten’s bowl.”, said the chicken.

“Are you also thirsty?”, asked the chicken.

“I am thirsty”, said the kitten

“I have some cow milk too for you”, said the chicken.

The kitten was excited to hear this. “Okay, I am going to drink some cow milk in the bowl. Thank you so much for offering me cow milk! I am going to hold your feet and then you can fly me up to the top of the tree!”, said the kitten.

They flew up together, had food together, played much together. The kitten felt so happy that she forgot about her boo-boo.

In this story, the chicken helped the kitten even when they did not know each other before. They became friends and had fun together. They stayed together forever!

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