As Bharat asked a totally in deep emotions me ,to get married immideately and then inform our respective families, as if some Divine grace or years of training, love ,trust and faith of my most liberal and loving parents made me mindful and practical , I was sure my parents would never say no to my choice ,so why should i do something recklessly and make them feel offended ,at the same time i was very centimental, emotional and in heat of our Love ,so i said, If you trust me be assured ..i ll be yours , Very soon Bharat ,its a matter of time ! My family is extremely fond of me and u r a virtuous man , they ll never say no to you! In my mind i thought though Bharat is in a one room set yet he is a promising and hard working man with no bad habbits aswell i was working too ,so it would not be a big problem to run a family ,aswelll what my parents had thought of spending on my marriage celebration and gifts ,i could ask them to give it as a FD* ( fixed deposit) with it’s interest to pay for our renting a room adjacent to Bharats sister and mom s house! Also thankfully i have usually been a very non brand concious and non fashionable tom boy kind of a girl ,so for me heels ,jewellery, designer brands ,expensive cars and Bunglaws with lawn were never primary ( who doesn’t like it though, when u have them) , So Bharat did understand and respected my desicion, he made me have Sitaphal ice cream at Naturals on the way to Ymca .With our eyes in eyes full of dreams to be each others and pain of getting separated in few hours ,We reached Ymca to pick our luggage and had a quick Veg biryani at cross roads which had the only mall back in 1999! At Mumbai central both of us were quiet ,the heart and breath doing all the speaking, as i boarded the train and Bharat arranged my suit case properly on carrier shelfs ,we had the last tight embrace, as if one part of me was left with him ,and one part of him was going along with me ! As the train started i kept a brave face looking at him but big big tears which were earlier Swiming in eyes were now let loose ,his eyes were wet too and he blew a flying kiss waving at me! With no mobile phones how tough was it to communicate and with no land line in his house pager was the only way to message! I think i cried for 3 hours without break …3 days with Bharat were like 3 decades lived ,as soon as Soorat station came at Train halted for 20 minutes ,i rushed towards the public booth ,i wanted to tell Bharat, how much i loved him ,how much i was missing him ,should i come back to bombay or should i wait at Soorat station ,and he comes catching the next available train ,and he can come to Delhi with me to take approval from my parents! As i called the paging office to give my message for Bharat, till the time i could get a message back on my pager of the phone number where he was available at ,it took more than 13 minutes ,also the p.c.o( public call) was 2 platforms away from where are train was stationed! I could never call Bharat as i heard the announcement ” Rajdhani bombay is about to leave in 5 minutes, all passangers are requested to take their seats ” i rushed and panted to climb a flight of stairs seprating the 2 platforms, and i think with help of a kind porter who ran with me to make me catch the train could at the last minute climb my train! As i reached Delhi in morning at 8.35 am , my parents were there to pick me at station! Why are you so drained out and sad asked my Father….will my parents agree to my desicion ? Will i spend rest of my life with the perffect man? For more keep following!