Everyone is busy running from here and there trying to make both ends meet. Some are frustrated, demotivated, struggling and full of anger. Whatever position one is in his life there is some or more frustration and everyone is struggling to keep them together and this can be confirmed by the ever-increasing number of criminal cases, along with suicide and rape cases.

In such a negative Phase the least you can do is

·         Smile at every opportunity, how small it may be

·         Talk to yourself

·         Daydream sometime

·         Do something stupid and laugh your heart out

·         Talk to your friend and remember you are your best friend

·         Introspect

The list is long but, you can at least start with one at a time and keep a mindful watch on your actions. Know it is tough but the winner is the one who tries to try the worst is you are at so won’t get worst from that. 

Will be re posting this post after a few weeks depending on what comments I get on this.