I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Om Swamiji🕉🙏

Nature is so bountiful, that one is mesmerised to see it showering it’s abundance in all forms unconditionally , be it the ever fresh air, the very breath of our life,  the trees that teach us to nurture our own growth. Flowers of different colours reminding us that brightness adds beauty to our existence, in the form of joy and laughter, peace and harmony. Fruits showering all its sweetness and health benefits to us,  reminding  us  to taste life mindfully .

Nature is forever respecting us and surely we too, should continue to respect it in some capacity each day and seek its Blessings .

A true  story of a little girl, would like to share here…

Down memory lane…

We stepped out of our car with my Father, all prim and properly dressed, big smiles, as it was a day out. Weekend, was one thing we three kids looked forward to with excitement , movie, shopping with parents. After shopping was a hearty meal at Amber restaurant, Calcutta  as the food was the yummiest there.

The pathway, from the parking a few mins walk, was overcrowded,  with people all in rush and excitement to spend a good day, I guess. I was walking cautiously holding the hand of my father,  and my brother and sister were just behind were being accompanied by my dear mother.

All of a sudden I saw my father abruptly stopping,  he excused himself, made me sweetly wait on the side of the pathway, walked ahead and started picking up banana peels strewn all over . I was little taken aback, and I could clearly see many strange expressions of passers walking on the pathway as to why, my father  was picking the peels, which was an unusual sight of a rich gentleman, doing such a dirty job.  Even I was feeling little embarrassed and confused. But Papa Ji, was least bothered about anybody around, nor was he least worried of even his well creased suit or his status, for that matter. In the meantime, my Mom reached with my brother and sister, made both of them stand next to me, (they too had the same expression as me)went ahead in a small outlet , got some water from there, reached up to my father , smiled at him and then after he was done putting peels in the dust bin , helped him wash his hands.
I seriously did not know how to react. My Pa came upto me smilingly, I caught hold of his hand, smiled at him too (  it was a deliberate smile), though he clearly had understood the quizzed expression on my face but sweetly patted my head as we entered the restaurant.

While the food was ordered, and we were chit chatting heartily over some fresh juice, I asked my father, “ Paapa Ji, why did you  bother to pick up those rotten banana peels from the pavement, and dirty your hands, when the ones who threw them were least bothered”. Moreover, I added, “It’s the work of the pavement cleaner to do that”. everybody  passing by was giving you an awkward look, no one offered to even help you!”

My father, quietly nodded his head with a smile then looked at me, and said, “ beta, what I did was part of my duty, as a human being,  had I not picked and thrown those peels away, someone could have slipped badly and seriously injured himself and because of someone’s negligence and foolishness , it could even be fatal, you think it would have been fair to let the peels be on the pavement?” he continued, “ imagine if it was one of us who had slipped, how would you feel? Start to feel and imagine yourself in other person’s  place, if it’s painful for you it’s painful for others too”. Patting my head he further added, “It does not matter whether the world follows you or not, helps you are not, or you are judged in a certain manner because of your status, just understand, you have taken birth,  to be aware, and set a good example in your own eyes and to do your bit , like a good human being, that’s what matter the most”.

His message was so deep , and while he was conveying the same to me, I had already visualised the pain of someone who could have hurt himself, had the peels been lying in the middle of the pavement.

(this story is of my childhood when I was around 10 years old, the teachings of my father ever full of humbleness, strength and compassion. Sad bit is loosing my icon, my father at the age of 19, and I so miss his valuable insights)

Indeed, in life’s journey the very art of being thankful and respecting our surroundings truly helps us in our growth. Years have rolled by, the gratitude and thankfulness continues, with many more aware additions, so much so, that everything I pay,  be it my bills or even receipt of my credit cards for that matter, I always write, “ thank you and God Bless” behind them. All that serves us, be it as simple as a dustbin in our house or the broom, the floor and walls of my house , the list endless, I smile and pat it by saying thank you to it too:) for every little thing around and within ( our organs) needs to be acknowledged each day and these small gestures make us more humble and kind.

May each one keep signing in daily, showering thank you notes in all joy and gratitude to the Divine within and the surroundings🙏🕉

The legendary banana peels lasting effect continues….

Thank you Pa😊

Love and Light surround all🕉🍃


Hari Om

Siddhika Umesh