I know you smoke. You may like the hallucination it gives you. You want to escape. You just want to dump your feelings. Maybe, I can be wrong.

But, who care’s. unless you are being saved with every flick.

But how long?

How long will you keep this secret? You lie; but how long.

 You are beautiful, just like a tiny flower that grows on the mountain top. You are hard to find yet beautiful. Maybe, both in and out.

You can be saved if you want to. Depends upon you. have a lots of questions but how does that brings in the answers. This is my heart that speaks. If I ever give you this, please print it and understand how careful I was with choosing these words. you are a wonderful person. I admit it I have fallen for you. slowly and wholly and then all at once.

  Thank you for being such a great companion. We will meet hopefully. I fear what if you don’t feel the same. I fear you of not losing but I fear of you. I don’t know you and I don’t know me. “kase kare, phir?”

I love you. hopefully. You are the best thing that is happening to me. I like the way you take time to listen to me and understand me. you are beautiful. More than anything I have seen and going to see. You are my sunshine. Don’t let the shadow overpower you. fall in in my arms when you feel weak. I like the smell of your tears and the warm hug in a cold season. Writing all these just it’s a lot to take in and feel.

You are beautiful.