The lid of Lila

This anonymous space,

between me and the world,

a place for cipher,

for the tricks that you play.


I am in a staunch longing;

this worldly quagmire,

cannot keep me away from you,

though it tries.


The Akshay Patra in my head,

abound with,

the rice of thoughts spinning,

cannot unsettle me,

though it tries.


I worry not about this world,

and its affairs.

Their discounts cannot dupe me anymore.


The vertiginous fall of the rice ceases,

and the Akshay Patra closes,

when I remember you.

O Lord! Such is your lila.


I still remember,

the day when you entered my heart.

Slowly you cut the weeds,

and ploughed the land.


You built a beautiful garden,

and a home.

Slowly you shifted and settled there.


Since then,

the space between me and the world

has abbreviated.

The cipher I can decipher;

the tricks seem a play.

And love abounds in me.


Jai Sri Hari

Thank you for reading🙏

Much Love❤️


P.S.- The poem is more than 150 words, but it is still showing “content must have at least 150 words” and so this last line to add a few more words.

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