The other day, as I was running late and got stuck in traffic (as usual), a post idea occurred to me. I decided to share a few of my random learnings from life. Take it as a fun ride, until it gets philosophical towards the end! Then just ride with it, will ya?

Ready or not, here goes:

1. A shop might be completely empty when you walk in, but as soon as you’re in, people will start flooding the place.

2. While driving, as you start your journey, if at the first traffic light which you come across, you happen to miss the green/amber by a few seconds, you’ll be stuck at a red light at most of the upcoming traffic lights during your journey! Yup! Did you notice?

Well, now I told ya, avoid the red, avoid the rage! 

3. Drinking warm water makes you feel full, less hungry and warm inside. Add some love in the heart, and you’re set for a full tummy and a full life!

4. Laugh life away! Because life dances to humor and love. We are not as important as we think we are. And life, although it adores us, it will keep smiling whether we sulk, laugh or dance! Let’s realise when we are serious and live, laugh, love and dance instead! Like minions! But Oh let’s give too!

Come on then, give me a joke!

5. When people irritate the heck out of us, do you know the secret?

It’s not them, it’s us. Yep!

We are either attached to our expectation of them or we are attached to a belief we have! #foodforthought

6. Did you know? Life has a life of its own and yet, life has loved and accepted you unconditionally ever since you were born. It has been cherishing you and keeping you with it (alive- got it?) all along. Now tell me, have you been cherishing life? 

7. Life is a party in itself and with each situation, circumstance and hurdle it is inviting us to play along. Whether we decide to play along or sulk in a corner, guess what? Life will continue to party!

8. If there is no mind and no thought, there is no worry. Think about it! I mean, don’t think. I mean… Oh well! you got it!

I stopped at 8, do you fancy adding some quotes to my Life Journal? Join me. Let’s sing, laugh and dance with life.

P.S: Apologies for being MIA lately, life is running and I am not quite as fit as it is! In simpler terms, 24hrs a day just don’t seem to be enough! Hoping to be back soon:) Thank you for all your love!🌸