Namaskaram Swamigaru, Namaskaram to all,

My last post was a kind of serious one–so I thought let me share this chirpy light heart family moments, later found out what I missed!?.

Recently, one evening, while we had happy tea time together, the most active member of my family, my younger son asked me if I was happy that he had won a game. To encourage him, I said to him “you are very sportive and you are my lifeline”(actually of the family). Suddenly my husband asked “Then what am I”? I looked at my elder son, becoz it was his turn now. I was about to tell that each one was a lifeline and give them numbers 1, 2, 3. Then, my younger one interrupted and said “mummy like in KBC, now you are given 4 lifelines- so select who is what among us?” We all looked at each other for his clever gesture, laughed and soon they were attesting the names. First was my husband, he said “I am an ‘expert advice’”. The intelligent kiddu  got up and declared the designations like this- he said “I am an ‘expert advice’, dad, you are ‘50:50’ and brother is ‘phone a friend’” –again we were amused with his chatpat smart decision.

Being accepted as ‘expert advice’, he was happy—then he asked “mummy whom do you give audience poll, it is still left out”?  I fell into thought, becoz we are 4 of us, a nuclear family and those were tagged 3 lifelines  given to me by my younger one, now whom to credit the last life line. At that moment I told him, we will find one and …..We forgot with the flow.

Today, I somehow remembered the incident, this is the reason I am writing the post. I was looking at the photo of Sri Krishna bhagwan with Radha maa and 8 sakhis, and funnily asked (GOD) to whom should I assign the left out lifeline, within myself. And then it struck to me—what a test GOD had put me into. Allow me to explain my point of view— very casually, the stage was set that evening and a test was conducted that of above mentioned lifeline, by GOD through my younger son (Sri Krishna’s childish plays!!)—we had distributed three lifelines, and 4th one remained unoccupied.  And THIS IS IT! I forgot HIM/I missed HIM, HE-who is my everlasting permanent LIFELINE (so is everyone’s). To whom I run, for every small feeling, wish, difficulty, obstacle that comes my way to talk, beg, cry and laugh with HIM. I had forgotten to name/label him as my first lifeline; instead I did not give him the last one in the least. The reality dawned upon me. It had not flashed to me then, I had not caught the signal. I failed the casual test. I felt silly, ashamed. I was not aware/conscious at that moment. I lost the test of the moment, to catch HIM when he came.

This made me realize how much important it is to be conscious/aware of every moment. How long the way is, how little I am, in a word this is where I stand, status quo. I am humbled, at His feet. But still worldly, deeply mundane, just a human. Sri  Krishna bhagwan says “aham kalosmi”—He is time, every moment is HE. So lets BE aware, awake, in the moment, becoz all we have is now.

While pondering about my (human) behavior and lifelines, few lines followed:

To the life, breath is the jerk,

To the heart, red is the spark,

To the soul, GOD is the perk.

To the past, memory is the track,

To the present, awareness is the clock,

To the future, vision is the stock.

To the sleep, rest is the rock

To the dream, wish is the luck

To the dark, sun is the break.

To the eye, twinkle is the wink,

To the face, smile is the chic,

To all of us, selfie is the click (self realization).

 Thank you.