It happened a few days ago, nothing special about the incident but it clearly etched deep in my mind for the lesson I learnt from that.

It was night, and the winds were hovering speedily and were making swishing sounds. It seemed it would rain any moment then.

I was relaxing on the balcony gazing at the far distance, the streets, the homes and enjoying my moment of peace.

And suddenly the lights went off. And now I saw vast stretch of blackness and some twinkling lights here and there coming from other houses.

It stayed like that for some time. I was staring at the dark and enjoyed the rapid waves of wind that were thumping my face in a gentle cool embrace.

And then the lights came back and I could see all the light on the streets, from the homes and from far off regions. But there was some difference in my observation from the earlier moments when the lights went off.

Earlier I couldn’t see the beauty of the lights. It looked normal to my used-to eyes but after the moments of darkness when the lights came back, for the first time I observed the streetlights and the lights they emanated. It looked vibrant and all the twinkling lights I could now see from around the region looked surreal and beautiful.

This made me understand that many times we take things for granted. And to better understand their value, sometimes we have to lose them. And if they come back to us, we will feel what is called joy and we will have beauty in our lives, the satisfaction that we all strive for.

 So, the moments of darkness are also important. They teach us important lessons to embrace what we have, and feel gratitude.

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