Only an ignorant sapling,
From an acorn to an oak tree,
Little does it know its magnanimity.

In each of us lies our world.
The only world known to us,
The sapling and its world.

The sun shining in all its glory,
Does it know of the sun?
In warmth lies its compassion
In growth lies its love
And, in the stillness lies utmost closeness.

Yet, the distance between the sky and the sapling,
Oh, can it be annihilated?
They see each other, nourished and loved,
Yet, it’s an untouched love.

And perhaps that’s where lies the divinity,
And perhaps too, that’s where lies the love,
In time, space, lost words and stillness.

A love untouched,
Unsaid and eternal
Until the magnanimity shines forth.


Note: I thought I’d get away without having to add a note to lengthen it, but that goes to show, I shouldn’t be thinking!

Jokes aside, this post was inspired by Swami’s speech in The Art of Devotion where He narrated (paraphrased):

“Hey little carrot!! Look! Here is the fire which was making you all mushy;)”

With the fire being God, and the mushiness being devotion.