A thin layer of divinity in each

Is always present- my mother said,

So I see, so I see, I understood

That thou art the living consciousness.

Spread across everywhere

Reachable and unreachable

Like the subtle space or my breath,

Thou art there, the Divine Consciousness.

For who can ever catch you

Or who can dare to know you, Maa

When you have spread yourself

In the everlasting vastness here-

Of all that I know and I don’t.

And if you are the Living Consciousness

Then, the layer is surely in me too.

How else can I think or do

Whatever I may or I won’t.

The Living Consciousness penetrates

Into the heart of thinking too-

Good or bad, sad or mirth,

Comfort or not- Thou art Thee!

And yes, Maa, I am a part of you!

I live in your space

And I think by your grace-

This body functions to survive a life-

Bliss, tears and bounty.

Oh Swami! I am thankful,

My sincere obeisance to thee!