The title might seem misleading but let me tell you, this is actually possible. In fact if you use Google Maps, you can do it right now, on the device you’re using to read this. Just go on Google Maps, and select My Location. And that’s where Heaven and Hell are. Its that simple.

Allow me to elaborate. In most religious scriptures of different religions, there is a promise of Heaven and Hell beyond the death. How good deeds will take you to Heaven  and bad deeds to Hell. The book Garuda Puran for example, describes in detail, what Hell looks like, what punishments are bestowed upon the souls who come for judgement at Yamaraj and his scribe Chitragupta. Now reading all this fills us with awe, but realistically speaking, how many of us have actually seen it? I do not say the scriptures are wrong, but there is no way for us to verify it while we are on this planet. Hence, I submit to you my thought that Heaven and Hell are right here. In our heads.

Why do we say that good deeds take us to Heaven? Because doing good deeds with detachments to their fruits, frees us from the cycle of karma. It purifies out thought, which in turn purifies our actions. We become no different from divinity in a human form. There is a ( often frightening ) clarity to the mind about what to do, and what to not worry about. When we speak the truth, we are fearless, we have nothing that the world can use as leverage against us. When we are controlled, with a healthy body, we can achieve anything there is to achieve. Be it material growth or spiritual development. How is this different from Heaven? This is a Heaven of our own creation. 

Conversely, when we do bad deeds, our mind is filled with mud. Till a point,  there is guilt for our actions. But when ignorance completely takes over, it extinguishes the guilt as well. Such a person is bound to suffer. We often see people who have committed numerous bad deeds, yet look happy. I am deliberate in the usage of the word “look” since that’s what we see. We do not know how they suffer in their personal lives. We do no know if they can sleep at night. We do not know if they can trust anyone around them. How different is this from Hell? This is a personal Hell, created from karma. Even worse , when such a person sees others happy, he/ she himself/herself becomes more agitated. Sinks in an even deeper Hell.


After a lot of thought, I feel there are the following types of Heavens/ Hells right here-

  1. The one which is commonly shown in media. For the people who perform the worst of deeds, commit heinous crimes. Their lives here become a living hell.
  2. This one is for all close to 90% of humans. We do not commit heinous crimes. But out of ignorance, selfishness we say things, we do things that hurt others. We feel jealous of others ( I do not take a high horse here, I too feel jealous of people at times ), we feel hatred. We also feel love, happiness. There are consequences to all these karmas. Such a person is trapped in a middle state.
  3. Then there’s the one I love to call as Trishanku’s heaven. As a story goes, King Trishanku performed severe austerities with Maharshi Vishwamitra. Maharshi Vishwamitra asked him for a boon. Trishanku asked for him to go to Heaven in this mortal body. Maharshi Vishwamitra obliged. But Lord Indra was against this, since its against the rules of nature. Enraged, Maharshi Vishwamitra created a second Heaven, between Earth and Swarga ( Sanskrit term for Heaven ). He created a second Earth, even a new Brahma. The Gods were terrified and requested Maharshi Vishwamitra to abandon this endeavour. He did so under 1 condition that Trishanku should stay alone in the Heaven. This is the state of most of us here, on os.me . Thanks to our own past karmas, Swamiji and God’s grace, we have known what truth is. We are more aware of ourselves, on our own journey towards enlightenment. 
  4. And finally, the point where the distinction between Heaven and Hell ends. When a person realises, that destroying everything negative inside oneself is Heaven altogether. There is no difference. At this point, there concepts are immaterial. All the enlightened beings are here. 

This is of course, my view on this. I am welcome to change it based on my future experiences. Till then, please make a Heaven for yourself.

Thank you.