Have u lost the child?

I am referring here to the child within you.Yes,We all have within us a child who wants to live happily.

We all must question this to ourselves.Of course,It’s our fundamental right to stay happy 😊.So why we choose to remain sad? Sometimes,God tests us and we face lot of obstacles in our path.This happens with each one of us.There is nobody in this world who don’t face difficulties.After all,God wants us to be brave😊 and he would do this to strengthen us.

I have seen people who remain monotonous all the time.I have never seen them smiling or I say laughing.On the other hand,I have seen people laughing in the worst of their times.The difference is that first type of people have lost the child within them.And in the second type of people,the child is still lively.

You decide in which category u come.

There are lot of sufferings and miseries in this world.Of course,the pandemic has affected our country badly.But we should face this happily.And as the proverb says ‘The laughter is the best medicine’.Its true 100%.

The time don’t remain same.One who is satisfied today might face difficulties tomorrow.And one who is in difficulty today might be the most successful and satisfied tomorrow.This in itself is a cycle and that is what we call a life😊.

We never know what God has in store for us.Of couse,Why would he think bad for us.He must have decided something good for us.Just have faith in him and stay happy 😊.

So,my point is never let the child within you die even in the worst situation.Laugh and make others laugh.Ofcourse,We see people sad but if we can why not to help them.Make them smile,make them laugh.Spread happiness.The life is too short to remain sad.Live each day, enjoy the day because each day is blessing.Thank God and keep on smiling, laughing because you never know you might have healed somebody internally 😊

Live, Love, laugh

Yours Ripandeep ❤️