I offer my humble obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏 Wishing you good health , love and peace abundant. Hari Om🕉

The day was marked with thunder and lightening and soon the downpour was heavy. Enough rain fell in a single day to flood the roads.  It all seemed as if some sudden volcanic surge of emotions had its outbursts.

An officer came inside the room with an attendant and handed me the “Lost  Suitcase” and keys to it. Completing the formalities and thanking the officer , I reached out to my  cab, seated myself and guided the driver to place the suitcase just next to me on the seat. Poor man just gave some quizzed looks to me as he was heading to place it in the boot. All through the route I held on to the suitcase in such a way as if it was carrying all my accounts of day to day life since time eternal.

Seems like the fear of loosing things gives heightened emotions when one wants to cling and secure it for a lifetime.

Reaching my hotel room, felt like a long mission that day. It was extremely difficult to move the heavy  suitcase from one corner to the other , as it was without wheels. So I managed to tilt and settle it on the carpeted floor. Scratched and stained , seemed like it was dropped and rolled at, from a height. The usual human mind was doing all the talking. The best good thing though was , it was found. Dusting a bit I tried to open it but the keys somehow did partial work and I was unable to open it. 

I seriously had no energy to pursue in my efforts as early next morning was pretty hectic,  and hence thought best to leave it there.

All the necessary arrangements , to booking my flight were made as  I was travelling back to my City after the final meeting the next day evening. It appeared like a big signing off task as almost three weeks I was away from home for this unexpected venture.

I somehow managed to sneak in the cab with a deep sigh of relief , bidding goodbyes to many unknown faces.  At the airport going through its usual  rituals, whilst I checked in the baggage,  I could notice the porter giving a weird look at the unkept suitcase during the procedure. It was natural for anyone to behave that way. Though it was wiped clean but it still appeared all roughly rubbed and carried deep scratch marks. Reminded me of an unkept life that goes through its unexpected brunt’s.

The plane ride was a reassurance to my thoughts that my warm home-space was just a few hours away.

It was quite late in the evening when the flight landed. Back home and after freshening up, I slouched myself on the couch. The  head felt heavy, the eyes droopy and sunk as I desperately needed enough rest, but there was a sense of  trepidation in the pit of my stomach looking at the suitcase. I was being drawn towards it. Keeping the rest of my stuff unsettled in one corner of the storage room, I started to walk up to open this “lost suitcase”.  The Secret to it was, it had gifts sent to me by a dear one.

Resting it on the floor , I finally managed to open it at the cost of damaging its locking system. The suitcase had innumerable beautiful gifts but what caught my eye was the Red Cloth. Neatly tied into a bundle and seemed it had something mysterious in it.

I forgot about everything, left it all open there and then and headed with the red cloth bundle towards my bed. But what  was so interesting and inviting in it? Feeling it curiously I moved my hands softly on it and untied the red cloth. It had in it the sacred text of Mother Divine Durga . The picture of Maa Durga gave me goosebumps. The text was full of Devi Hymn. But why me? An atheist, who would never even read it be blessed with this gift?!

Holding and feeling it’s very sight and message was felt so strong that it sent  ripples within and something shook me that moment. Tears  just kept rolling out of my eyes. The suitcase played  a cosmic role at that point of time.

I rushed back to take out the rest of the gifts and  every step to empty it lead to bigger insightful message for my Soul. What truly was the purpose of the lost suitcase? I was completely aware but felt lost, why?

Today I pen down that very moment as it leads me to the blissful clarity….

All that serves us, makes us feel good and secure in every manner is packed in the suitcase. A storage that may differ in shape, size and Color… and this depicts a similar picture of our human body too…

All our lives we carry the suitcase of our pride possessions, desires, light and dark emotions, chaotic environment, postponements, of loving and painful moments of the past and present all stuffed in it.  Even if we let go of some old stuff, we still keep accumulating something new with an unknown pleasure of attachment. It starts weighing unbearably heavy to an extent that it reaches its static point and leads to stagnation.

Since childhood we are thrusted and imposed a suitcase as a gift, trained to stuff the good and also  the not so good experiences of others  as well as our own day to day encounters till our last breath. What truly matters is to consider to keep track to just do away with the unresolved stuff of the past and present and thus make space to explore life in all its rawness, a precious existence of the Self that one is unaware of but carried all the time. 

Mother Divine’s message that poured out of the much travelled suitcase for me was to walk the path as a renunciate, away from the mundane and illusion filled life. In all Profoundness a rare moment of life  where She made me witness so many deaths of my family members, conveying through the powerful Pyres that everything was just a Maya and the Soul is purely to be under The Divine Light, that’s all that matters. I only had to walk in Blind Faith holding onto Her on The Opportune Path. Why did I miss out on Her heeding? 

Alas ! I chose to drench myself into extreme sweet and sour patterns of emotions in the cauldron called the human condition, to a defined legacy, stay static, chose pacification from stagnant energies and failed to acknowledge the moist and warm air of my breath that could heighten my awareness.

Yet again, Her Profound presence in the draped red cloth,  that had travelled from the holy shrine of Vaishnodevi lovingly lead me to relive the experience and finally walk the path as a renunciate sans baggage after 30 years. She always protected me🙏

Lessons shall ever await on the path to discovery but with mindful engagement in the world now and in Her blessed space. Life feels like an honor to travel out and without “The Suitcase”.

Thankful for Her ever flowing presence🙏

“The Suitcase” glimpse of  life…

What pledges living in brightness or despair
Little by little life divulge it’s epoch old and new
For some the intuition escorts the flow
But for those, who thwart the push of the skill…
The lost fragments of expectations pricks the eyes
The lameness of tongue discolours the entirety
And the unsightly skin ever mapping it’s water and soil
Lead Thy to deafen and define oneself to the ardent Truth
Out spacing from the commissioned suitcase
For Peace walks free in the odour of its trek to infinity and beyond…

Mata Rani Bless you all my OS family with good health, love and peace🙏🕉


Jai Maa DUGGA 🙏🕉🌺

Siddhika Umesh

pic courtesy: pin interest