By the grace of God I have travelled a lot and God has taken me to many places where I would have certainly not gone  had there been no desire to explore.

I had taken my mother along till the time she was capable of traveling long hours and long distances.

But as soon as she turned 70 her health began to change. But I had to go on my treks. Selfish me! So I asked God, “Can you please find someone to be with her when I am not there?”

God answered my prayers. I was sent a bundle of soft, furry joy who I couldn’t turn my back on. This light brown bundle lay in pain with its hind leg fractured almost run over by a car. 

I had to take it to the nearest emergency ward at the vet’s. I found out that it would take around 40 days to heal.  I decided that I would keep it till the time it healed and then I would let her go. I didn’t believe in domesticating animals. I didn’t believe in chaining animals.

When she healed after 12 injections and 20 bottles of saline water , I knew she was going to be a survivor. She had also been infected with Parvovirus and maggots which can be life threatening for puppies. They usually don’t survive.

After her fracture was healed she was ready to leave. Even though she could move around she had a limp. By this time she had been with us for 3 months. From day 1 no matter how much I put her in her own bed, I almost always found her snuggled up close to my heart when I woke up in the morning.

She attached herself to me even though I tried not to be overly attached to her. God sent her to me to teach me Responsibility for another life and Parenting.

And when I let her out after vaccinating her hoping that she would not come back, she chose to return all by herself, of her own free will.

At that point I knew that she would be the perfect companion for my mother when I had to be off on my treks.

She’s a plain street dog with a huge heart and a lot of love for everything and everyone.

I know that she will not outlive me and I know that when she leaves us it will be difficult to let go but such is life.

We can’t change it but for the time being she’ s with us and when I take care of her and feed her I know that I serve God.

After all the word “Dog” and “God” can actually be interchanged. She is currently 7 years old. She is the fastest running dog in the neighborhood. She runs like a gazelle and has the most beautiful eyes I have ever set my gaze upon.