The way a person express is called an art. And, when art comes into talking/ discussion we can’t deny the fact of how a person feel every emotion. All these emotions are very powerful; every emotion feels different, showcase every individual in a different form.

The feeling of the emotion we experience is for a while. But, one of the emotion that I believe overpower all emotions is ‘LOVE’.

Love is just small word made up of four letter word but the power of it makes the whole universe melt. Love does not always involve lovers, it speaks for all the beautiful bond that we share with our loved ones and sometimes a stranger. For me LOVE is about the beautiful songs I listen and the pleasure it rewards
to me is in the form of warm tears and a soulful heart.

Think about how happy have you felt when a stranger walking in the streets have passes you a sweet smile. And you feel a sudden connection and feel warm. To which you smile back, for no reason.

To love someone, you really don’t need a reason. You simply devote yourself in the selfless state of belongings. You know, we belong there. Other emotions might need a reason for their birth (I think so…..).

The way to express LOVE has changed. In a decade the expression changes. Now-a-days, it’s very versatile. Still, there is an impression of telling our loved ones we still care for them, love them, nurture their roots. The basic of human instinct is there is still there. Every person has a unique way to serve the purpose which makes it more beautiful and diverse. And when the parallel lines meet they create history for their own self. It has nothing to tell other how it makes their life better. Let it be their own little secret.

And, when finally, this expression is expressed by any individual this is called a pure ART and the person called an ARTIST.

No wonder whenever we visit or listen or see anything which leaves an impact, is so soulful we can feel the emotion with which it might have been produced.