Part 2 

Lord Krsna and Radha Rani are here conversing. When the entire universe is lending an ear why should you abstain? The Jhinjhoti ‘alap’ (the meditative form in which the piece is played) is so cleverly visualised to invoke the Shringara and Bhakti Rasa. You literally picture Lord Krsna as the Bansuri and Radha Rani as the Santoor conversing and singing to each other. 

The particularity of Raga is to put it simply, a set of rules to coax Swara-s (musical notes) into a specific framework. Just like alphabets on their own are mumbo-jumbo unless they are arranged to give birth to specific ideas, Swara-s need to be given a context, a theme. The theme here is called Jhinjhoti. It follows certain hard rules on how to portray the notes with different degrees of independence allowed to the artist. 

You might know the seven notes Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha and Ni. These are only the short forms actually. Our ancient seers were definitely very respectful so as to give them proper names like Sa for Shadaj, Re for Rishabh and so on, but that’s for another time. Now the 7 are natural ones. Actually there are 12 notes in all. What is actually Jhinjhoti? It has some signature phrases like D S R M G-, S R N- , D N P D S. This is one among so many of course. Just like Rishi Narad would chant Narayan Narayan all the time and it is sort of his trademark. The particular use of these swaras is reserved for Jhinjhoti only. Imagine this, you have a family member or even a friend. You are roaming in the market and you got separated. Once you realised that, you start looking for him. But in such a crowd how will you? But even if you cannot see him, his silhouette even from far away hints at him. His height, gait, posture, presence is what gives him away. His name is Jay. So Jay is the personification of those traits.

Likewise, the particular way of playing those notes is Jhinjhoti personified. The way the notes are played tell you this is Jhinjhoti. Now you can visualise the notes in your mind. Some of you will picture the Supreme Goddess, white sari, divine aura, dazzling presence, compassionate smile, serene expression and deep-ancient-intelligent stare. 

So Lord Krsna and Radha Rani are conversing. Listen to the piece please, please. Give way to your imagination to this divine dialogue. The calmness of the Bansuri is Lord Krsna, while the chanchalta of the Santoor is Radha Rani

Raga Jhinjhoti – Black Lotus app

Radha, I have been waiting for you. Where have you been? These eyes have been yearning to have a glimpse of you. 

O Krsna, your bansuri coax the seasons into spring, the scent of being alive permeated every being. I was pulled to this lake by the music of your bansuri.

Hey Radhe, just like sunlight dance and sway on water like dazzling diamonds, your very presence inspire nature to celebrate.

I have yearned for your darshan O Narayan. Your presence brings me immense joy. Your lotus-petal like eyes, your curly hairs are like bees buzzing with excitement to drink in the nectar of your divine face. Your eyes are the doorway to this vast universe. Looking into your eyes I can see distant loka-s. Hey Kamal-nayan, why does this evening feel more special?

Today comes to an event that occurs once in a thousand years. Love, gratitude and empathy will take form today and spread like divine light to everyone. Hey Radhe, the joy we have experienced will be extended to the whole of creation.

The sky is clear, dark blue, with a full moon. A gentle breeze caresses the water of the lake as if saying why are you holding your breath? Breathe, experience the joy of Radha-Krsna. The soft glow of the moon transformed the earthly location into a Vaikuntha-alike.

Beautiful Jhinjhoti burst forth from Krsna’s Bansuri. Radha Ji sways to the melody dancing as the Santoor player glides expertly on the strings. The world stands still to bask in the divine musical rendition. Nature seems to come alive. Suddenly the water of the lake sways as well, tiny ripples make the lake become alive as if the water will burst forth to rush to the feet of Lord Krsna and Radha Rani. Thence emerged the Black Lotus rising in elegance with gentle modulations. Still enclosed it looked ethereal. The music of Krsna and Radha Rani together and the Black Lotus finally bloomed, magnificent in every aspect. The culmination of the divine conversation

∞Hari Om∞