Back in school, I used to suffer from many ENT(ear-nose-throat) problems and they used to take a toll on my studies and general wellbeing. I used to have acute and chronic tonsillitis due to which I would feel prickly pain on my tonsils and the infection would increase so much that it would go to my ear canals and then my ears would start paining. I used to get fever easily even in the summers.

I went to many doctors, for many years. I took medical tests and it showed that I have some rare bacteria in my tonsils. The doctor suggested to operate on and remove the tonsils. But we were reluctant and so he put me on antibiotics like all the other doctors. I kept taking antibiotics for months and years owing to my acute tonsillitis.

But then my mummy found out about a Kerala Ayurveda doctor who charged just two hundred rupees and he gave me some home remedies. He asked me to gargle daily many times, prescribed using a mix of curry leaf powder and turmeric powder and gave a bottle of a syrup. Within four months my tonsil got totally cured and there was no need to operate on it. And that’s the magic of Ayurveda when you can find a good practitioner.

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