Magical plant apamarga

Hello family The plant we will know about today is Apamarga Apamarg plant is a mine of qualities, it is usually easily found on the side of the roads and it flourishes in the rainy season.

Its botanical name is Apamarga in Sanskrit, Latjira in Hindi, Achyranthes aspera.

The more easily and easily this plant is found, the more it is a mine of properties. The plant of Apamarga is used in the treatment of many diseases, mainly it is used as an antidote. It cures easily, it is also the best medicine for ringworm

Wash and grind fresh leaves of Apamarg with water and apply its juice on wounds, torn boils, pimple, herpes, itchy skin diseases etc., it provides quick relief.

Its juice is also used on dog bites, on bites of poisonous animals.

After drying the leaves of Apamarg in the shade, grinding its powder and taking it with lukewarm water, it provides relief from indigestion, acidity, flatulence, gas etc. and your stomach remains healthy always.

By brushing its stem, it remains stable and strong with you for 100 years.

• Apart from being an Ayurvedic plant, it is also a miraculous plant.
According to astrology, this plant is related to the planet Mercury, so by worshiping it, one gets the blessings of the planet Mercury.The magical plant apamarga 2

It is mentioned in many Tantra texts that by doing Apamarga’s Datun for 4 months, it is proved by the speech of the person and the blessings given by the person become fruitful, he gets speech accomplishment.

In Rishi Panchami, a major fast of Hindu religion, by bathing with the leaves of Apamarga, infection etc. is avoided.

There are many such plants around us that we are unaware of.

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